Lazuli Oceanic HQ

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Lazuli Oceanic HQ
Exterior of LOHQ
The Diamond Hall located within LOHQ
Location7500, 7500
Foundation dateJune 2021

Lazuli Oceanic HQ, or LOHQ, was the main headquarters for the Lazuli Oceanic mining company, which was a subsidiary of Lazuli Corporation. Although the building had been actively running since June of 2021, construction was not entirely complete until August of the same year. The building served as the main vault for the wealth held by the Lazuli Corporation, and was located in the center of the southeast ocean where the majority of the map was extremely isolated due to a large amount of nether islands surrounding it. The vault was extremely snitched and reinforced, making any raid attempts extremely tedious and verging on impossible.

Beneath LOHQ was The Diamond Hall, a massive underground structure that held beautifully done prismarine fountains, a connection to the KANI Rail System, an obsidian mine, and a secret entrance to the main storage vault and factory room. Only employees and shareholders of Lazuli Corporation had access to the large building. Due to its isolated location, the building was rarely visited by anyone but the CEO of LazuliCorp, SamBonusG.