Lazuli Corporation

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Lazuli Corporation
  • Mining
  • Horse-Breeding
  • Spawn Egg Harvesting
Headquarters Mount September
Number of Locations7
Key PeopleSamBonusG
Number of Employees1
  • Ancient Debris
  • Armored Horses
  • Brewing Stands
  • Coal Blocks
  • Coffee
  • Cookies
  • Feathers
  • Flint
  • Gold Blocks
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Leather
  • Netherrack
  • Obsidian
  • Purpur Blocks
  • Redstone
  • Snitches
  • Spawn Eggs
  • Stone
Revenue600d per week
  • Sam's Spoils
  • Tink's Cat Cafe
  • Bonusgrad Zoo
  • Lazuli Spawn Labs
  • Lazuli Stables
  • Lazuli Oceanic
Historical Data
Established inMarch 2021


The Lazuli Corporation, or LazuliCorp, is a conglomeration of revenue-producing projects that are involved mainly in the Mount September economy. The corporation was founded in early 2021 by SamBonusG after joining Mount September, and consists of a few major companies with ambitious goals of spreading the network throughout the world:

  • Sam’s Spoils is a chain that sells various different items such as netherrack, snitches, brewing stands, redstone, coal, etc. It currently has stores in Mount September, Sussex, and Lambat.
  • Bonusgrad Zoo is a zoo within Mount September that has rarities such as zombie and skeleton horses, endermites, and slime blobs, as well as many other animals not commonly seen in the wild.
  • Tink's Cat Cafe is a small shop where you can buy coffee and cookies and hang out with a bunch of cats. You can also adopt the cats that are there, or purchase a cat spawn egg of your own.
  • Lazuli Stables is a horse-raising farm that sells the fastest horses with the highest jumps, complete with iron horse armor and saddles.
  • Lazuli Spawn Labs is an underground hall beneath Lazuli Tower that has a huge exhibition of almost all the mobs available on the server. The massive structure was once used for private experimentation for testing the reactions of certain spawn eggs. However, it recently opened itself up to the public so that the exhibitions and the beautifully constructed Bonusgrad Hall could be seen by anyone. You can also purchase any type of spawn egg there.
  • Lazuli Oceanic is currently the main source of revenue for LazuliCorp however, bringing in over 60% of the company’s total profits. Lazuli Oceanic is a mining company that voyages out into unclaimed territory in the southeast ocean and does large-scale mining deep beneath the waves to find the most isolated diamond veins, as well as raking in a huge amount of iron and gold. It's main base of operation is called Lazuli Oceanic HQ, or LOHQ.

Lazuli Corp. went public on June 23rd, 2021.[1]

It is currently worth over 7500 diamonds.