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Lazuli Tower sits on the west coast of the city of Mount September, next to the El Chapo monument and Lazuli Stables.

(see also Lazuli Tower 2.0) Lazuli Tower was one of the more unique parts of the Mount September west coast skyline. It was constructed by SamBonusG in April of 2021. It was originally constructed to make use of the excess lapis lazuli that was generated from digging out the vault for the Augustan Federation, as the material had little to no use in the world of CivClassic.

The tower had thirteen floors that could be accessed through an elevator made of prismarine. Each floor had a unique theme to it. SamBonusG would later begin to use the tower as the headquarters for his new company. The company got its name from the tower, which is how LazuliCorp came to fruition.

Before Lazuli Oceanic HQ was established for mining purposes, a lot of mining was done directly below the tower. This allowed for Bonusgrad Hall and Lazuli Spawn Labs to be built, but also indirectly resulted in trouble for SamBonusG with the UDF Ice Road Snitch Scandal. Lazuli Tower become a very prominent part of Mount September, and was the pioneering structure that helped trigger the redevelopment of Compton in MtS, and the entire Septembrian west coast. It is located at [-5252, 2339].

Floors of Lazuli Tower

Floor 1: Septembrian Pride

The first floor on Lazuli Tower was made out of pride for the country of Mount September. The floor was decorated in Septembrian flags and colors, and had a large map of the main city that was regularly updated. This floor also had a book on a lectern that welcomed visitors.

Floor 2: Gradient Art

The second floor had carpet art that emulated a perfect color gradient from the center with all the possible colors for the carpet. It was a floor that people could rent out for living space.

Floor 3: Nintendo Art

The third floor had carpet art that emulated two mushrooms and a fire flower from the Super Mario games. This floor was also open for people to rent out.

Floor 4: Fuck You Art

The fourth floor had carpet art that showed a hand flipping you off. It also contained a large organ made of note blocks that was constructed by Flameoguy called "Organicus Amogulus".

Floor 5: Nyan Cat Art

The fifth floor had carpet art that showed the famous "Nyan Cat", the viral pixelation of a cat made of a poptart farting rainbows. This floor was a private floor that was the residence of Nwalcott.

Floor 6: Petting Zoo

The sixth floor was a floor that housed many friendly animals such as cows, horses, and pandas. It had a fountain in the center, and two balconies that jutted out the side of the building. Gobblin famously pushed all the animals off of the floor as a joke, resulting in SamBonusG having to bring each animal back up the floor using a dirt ladder.

Floor 7: The Library

The seventh floor was the library that housed all of the books collected by Lazuli Corporation over the course of its existence. This floor also contains an extensive music collection, with records hanging from the wall that you could play in the jukebox at any time.

Floor 8: Abstract Art

The eight floor was used to create unique sculptures and hold the collection of map art that SamBonusG had gathered. Many of the sculptures on the floor were interactive using redstone or pressure plates, such as "Expand Dong" or "Iron Door Trap". Others were simply interesting, such as "Sentient Chicken" and "Spider Beast". There was even one of the original starter cookies labelled "A Gift From The Admins" on display.

Floor 9: Villager Commune

The ninth floor had four tiny houses, as well as a little balcony sticking out of the back of the tower. Three villagers named Reggie, Arnold, and Victor lived there, each with a different craft. KingOfTheMochas also had a house among the villagers that he lived in when he first moved to Mount September, before he rose to power as the final mayor of the country.

Floor 10: Market and Community

The tenth floor had a supply of storage chests that could only be accessed by those that were on the LazuliTowerAccess group. The floor was also meant to act as a market for people to buy and trade items, but that idea never really got lifted off the ground.

Floor 11: Mob Zoo

The eleventh floor serves as a prison for three hostile mobs, a zombie, a skeleton, and a witch. There was once a vindicator as well, but an incident involving Minemaster933 caused it to escape, making the eleventh floor an extremely dangerous hazard until SamBonusG was finally able to slay the rabid evoker.

Floor 12: Penthouse

This was SamBonusG's main residence, the penthouse of the tower. It contained two large fountains, a large armor display, a writing desk, a balcony, an elytra takeoff deck, and a private closet. The private closet acted as the room where SamBonusG kept his ore smelter and compactor until the bunker was built below Lazuli Tower.

Floor 13: Hell

The top floor had no walls or ceiling, but instead had a massive glass dome covering an artificial nether environment. The prismarine elevator opened up into a sealed glass box where onlookers could safely observe the striders, blazes, and hoglin that lived there. Two magma cubes were once on this floor as well, however a glitch in the server caused them to fall thirteen stories to the ground. They somehow survived this fall, and SamBonusG sealed them in a nether brick enclosure to keep them from terrorizing the populace. There is a book written about this floor as well.