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The New September Coalition (NSC) is an organization that was founded by SamBonusG and Magnileve. The NSC's purpose is to keep the culture of the country of Mount September from CivClassic 2.0 alive on the newer iteration of CivMC. It was originally formed as a response to the naming of a Lambatan district to Progreso after an election was held in which the name of New September was outvoted. The Coalition spent months lobbying for the district to be renamed after the perceived injustice of denying Septembrian culture its preservation.

In January of 2023, the Lambatan Civil War broke out, plunging the country into chaos. The NSC was able to pressure President Kaprediem into renaming the district of Progreso to New September using threats of secession thanks to Magnileve's power over the province of Chungia. This compromise lead to the eventual resolve of the war, as Kaprediem had now garnered enough support to effectively counter the Monarchist rebellion. With the war concluding, the district of New September had been born in the country of Lambat.

Today, the NSC continues to keep Septembrian culture alive by keeping the district of New September active and replicating some of the iconic structures from the previous iteration, such as the Voting Tree and Lazuli Tower (Lazuli Tower 2.0). Campaigns have been held to try to get some larger figures from the era of Mount September to come by and contribute, but these campaigns have not seen any success yet.