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Ferro (_Iron)
Render of _Iron's skin (July 23, 2021)
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Ferro, also known ingame as _Iron, was an official of the Varathian Government and Military from the 31st of December, 2019 to around the end of CivRealms. He was also a member of the LABS alliance and a Carbon member and soldier. Currently he is an Acadian citizen, builder and businessman.

Second HCF Invasion

The Second HCF Invasion, otherwise known as the Geographica Invasion, took place around late 2019 and early 2020 with players from the politcal factions servers Geographica and Colenia migrating to Civ Servers such as CivClassics 2.0 and CivRealms 2.0. This invasion was caused by an advertisement in the political factions history discord Geocon requested by two oldfriends to increase player numbers on CivRealms, which was run at the time by Ferro. After the invasion the Geographica zoomers, under the title Zoureich or Owoist Alliance, settled in Varathia on CivRealms after the December 7th Pearlings[1] before being recruited for New Cascadia on CivClassics. Things would go well until the 21st and 22nd of December 2019 when player Adderall attacked a NATO vault and started a series of events that resulted in the pearling of Ferro on the 22nd of December 2019 by Kayla, and subsequent transfer to BennyZ. This would result in Ferro mainly playing on CivRealms for around the next year, it is assumed that the pearl on CivClassics was released at the end of the Infinity War.

CivRealms 2.0 Early

After his exile pearling on CivClassics, Ferro would devote most of his time on CivRealms. Mainly starting out as a newfriend in Varathia he would forge a name for himself by building around 1/3 of Varathia's roads and Chesham which led him to become one of the first two Praetorian Guard for Varathia as well as the Infrastructure guy. He would continue this routine for the next 5 months while tensions increased across the server with the influx of NATO refugees and Zoomers, which would led to him eventually being pearled once by Hantzu for Reddit pvp and another time by Adderall, both of which were freed in under a day, the former being one of the causes of the Attack on Varathia Vault and the First Hell War.

During the first stages of the First Hell War, Ferro would be pearled by TwigBranch in Olendor and held until the end of the war when he was broken out of one of four spikes by Coalition forces. After the war, he started alongside other Varathians a period of frantic defense and vault clearing would start which would lead to his burnout for a week after digging the start of the infamous Varathia Trench. He would come back in full force during the Summer of 2020 signing the Otona-Varathian treaty leading to the unification of Otonabee and Varathia, and also helped rebuild Varathia in time for the Second Hell War, which despite not being pearled, would result in the raiding and looting of his and other Varathian's property due to Boris. [2]

CivRealms 2.0 Late

The Second Hell War brought a point of the lowest activity and morale in Varathian history, which still effects Ferro to this day due to perceived guilt of signing the declaration of war and not negotiating.[3][4] During and after the war, the now Otona-Varathian Empire was annexed into Carbon and hence led to Ferro becoming more Carbonite than Varathian. After the war, very little progress was done besides digging trenches and trying to finish Varathian Vault, this would be seen across CivRealms as the Second Hell War was one of the most toxic so far. However, actiivty began picking up and the server found itself at war again after the obbybombing of CivCorp by Blackwater, Chungus, and Laconia.

CivRealms 2.0 Great War

On the onset of the Great War, most Varathian soldiers were mobilized and started preparing defensive structures and bunkers across Varathia, as well as the leasing of Varathia Vault to Oasis and Carbonite troops as a base of operations to hunt and pearl the people responsible for the CivCorp attack. This would led to Ferro stocking and guarding the vault. Predictably, the now United Southern Alliance, USA, that formed from the nations that attacked CivCorp veiwed this as Varathia fighting them and prepared a skybridge to attack the vault, this would result in 3 days of fighting in and around the vault until it fell on the 1st of October, 2020, which was what Ferro was hoping for as it gave allies enough time to strengthen up north. Ferro alongside other fighters then retreated to Asgard and Heaven to begin preparations and stocking for the next 19 days. Heaven was attacked on the 20th of October 2020, which led to Ferro logging on and begining to defend, he would shoot and pearl Hysterics33, but get pearled around 20 minutes later by Adderall. The quick sucession of pearlings was due to RNG hits being added which led to both sides losing approximately 4 pearls each, Ferro included. After this he would remain pearled until erroneously freed on the 11th of November 2020 by molliam. Afterwards Ferro helped attack Void and Bloodcrew Vaults as well as Chungus to disable any and all offensive structures built by USA, this would lead to him being pearled once by Kayla in Chungus, which would be stored in Cantina Vault then released that day by HiImPosey. He was pearled again this time by Crimeo due to prisonpearl glitching after falling into a trench during a fight with Mamatom on the 21st of November 2020, which would then be held in Savagaurd until its destruction by Coalition forces on the 23rd of November 2020.

CivRealms 2.0 Post-War

After the War, Ferro would spend most of his time finishing builds around Varathia and traveling around the continent to take screenshots. However the first new bit of action would be on the 5th of December 2020, when Seraphim_Here pearled Pope Leobonet in Norlund during the Carrot Festival and proceeded to run into Zen to hide in a makeshift bunker, Ferro would quickly respond to this by breaching Seraphim's bunker and pearling him within 30 minutes. This resulted in the December 9th, 2020, Zen Altercation where Seraphim and S4NTA would fight as a punishment for pearling Leobonet[5], of which Ferro would spectate. Afterwards as activity began to die down and the server's life cycle began to die, Ferro would roam the continent and help pearl left over USA members and bring them to Heaven. This would last for the next 7 months much to the disapproval of the remaining CivRealms loyalists. Around the start of July 2021, Ferro would retire from CivRealms due to drama and begin anew on CivClassics.

CivClassics 2.0

Ferro, having already been on CivClassics before, would get acquainted to the server relatively quickly and started accumulating a good amount of wealth within 3 days. He would also move from Caledonia to Icenia and attain citizenship for Icenia, and start construction on his home finishing it around July 22nd, thereafter moving again to Yoahtl to try and differ playstyle. Around September 6th, he would rescind his Yoathlan citizenship and join Acadia, due in part to the general monotonous nature of Yoahtl as well as helping a relatively new nation.