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FuschiaJoCrafter's skin
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known For
  • Flying machines
  • Short-lived Countries
  • Moving around a lot
Main Residence
  • Undisclosed Location, Forest of Magic, Western Boundary
  • Maribel Hearn Memorial Hotel, Mount Augusta
Known Spoken LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, Esperanto
Previous Citizenships
Conflicts Participated in
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivEx: First Light
Iterations played on
Miscellaneous Info

FuschiaJoCrafter (/fju:ʃə:dʒo:kɹɑːftəɹ/), also known as SinjoroJoCrafter (/sinj:oɹo:dʒo:kɹɑːftəɹ/; /sinj:oro:dʒo:kɹɑːftəɹ/) or MrJoCrafter (/mɪ:stəɹ:dʒo:kɹɑːftəɹ/) or sometimes just MrJo, or Sinjoro, is a player primarily on CivMC. He was the founder and ruler of Astonia for as long as it existed, and afterwards led a successor state called Jolington after returning to CivClassics. SinjoroJoCrafter was developing a civ server called CivPortals.[1] He is currently the Great Sage of Western Boundary, and is active in Mount Augusta politics.

CivEx History

Sinjoro first found Civ via CivEx: First Light and joined Astoria ran by Cortwade on CivEx.[1]


for now, see Republic of Arlington#History

CivClassic History

First Kingdom of Astonia

SinjoroJoCrafter claimed a small island in the shallow +,+ as the state of Astonia.[2] It was discovered to be in the claims of Adina, and so Astonia joined as a state of Adina, with SinjoroJoCrafter as its governor.

Adinan Astonia

For 15 days, Astonia was a part of Adina. During this time period, SinjoroJoCrafter developed the flying machines Astonia is known for.

Second Kingdom of Astonia

On July 17th, 2019, Astonia unilaterally declared independence from Adina. On that same day, Astonia Island was completely leveled and SinjoroJoCrafter fled to the far (-,+) to form a government in exile.

This government in exile fought a war against Adina (along with Sovia-Unitas and Nipplerock allies) for about 3 weeks before SinjoroJoCrafter was pearled and he surrendered. Astonia went inactive, becoming a puppet state of New Sovia with Pirater as its de-jure emperor.

Third Kingdom of Astonia

The de-jure existence of the Second Kingdom of Astonia finally ended on the 27th of September, 2019, when SinjoroJoCrafter returned, constructing a new Astonia with its capital in Euless in the region of Richland Lakes.

Euless and its outlying territories boomed in population, peaking at 9.

Aurum Invasion of Astonia

for now see Astonia#Aurum_Invasion_of_Astonia

Fourth State of Astonia & Arlington

(add more later)

Fifth State of Astonia

(add more later)


for now see Jolington#History

CivMC History

for now see People's Republic of Western Boundary