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The County of Niederburg or Grafschaft von Niederburg is a county within the Kingdom of Kaltsburg. It was established as a simple fort on the 28th of August, 2018 for Neue-Kaltsburg and, after multiple terrorist attacks on Old Kaltsburg, the then Prince and people of Kaltsburg decided to move to its colony. After the arrival of the citizens in Niederburg, they quickly expanded across the new territory and founded cities such as Die Hauptstadt and Bonn. The county was officially integrated within the core of the Kingdom shortly after its founding and hosts the oldest Kaltsburger structures on the continent. It is held and ruled by Graf HobbelJesse, the founder of the Niedeburg Castle.

Niederburg's town as seen from the Fort
County of Niederburg
Flag of Niederburg
Coat of Arms
Founded28 August 2018