Pripyat (CivMC)

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Autonomous Region of Mount Augusta
Flag of Pripyat
Location4110, 2890
Alliance Mount Augusta
Coat of Arms
Governing documentThe Pripyat Constitution
• First Guardian
• Second Guardian
Foundation date2023

The Autonomous Region of Pripyat, commonly known as Pripyat, is a city-state on CivMC.

Though officially a part of Mount Augusta, Pripyat maintains a policy of strict political neutrality and is culturally and architecturally distinct from the rest of Mount Augusta. Pripyat also maintains friendly relations with nearby Doom City (with whom it shares a border) and Danzilona.

The city center of Pripyat, known as the Canal District, hosts a variety of homes, government buildings, and shops, including the locally owned Pripyat Mercantile and Pripyat Garden Center. Pripyat City Hall and the Grey Palace, both located in the Canal District, form the heart of Pripyat's government and administrative power.

Pripyat is nicknamed "The Electric City" due to the ubiquitous lightning rods present on the city's rooftops, which can cause near-constant lightning strikes during thunderstorms.


Pripyat was founded in early 2023 by its first mayor, Rendezook99. He was later joined by players __Tyler__ and CrunkMcTunk; together, the three form the core of Pripyat's government.

Current Government

The Canal District at night.
Current Government
Position Office Holder Term Start Term End
First Guardian rendezook99 Early 2023 N/A
Second Guardian __Tyler__ December 14th, 2023 N/A
Minister of Knowledge CrunkMcTunk Late 2023 N/A
Minister of Commerce Open N/A N/A
Minister of the Open Road Open N/A N/A
Minister of Whispers Open N/A N/A

The Pripyat Constitution (System of Governance)


We, the people of Pripyat, a land forged in freedom and resilience, do hereby ordain and establish this Constitution as the bedrock of our nation. Guided by the eternal flames of knowledge, invigorated by the spirit of adventure, and fortified by unwavering strength, we declare our unwavering commitment to a sovereign and autonomous Pripyat, where the wind of liberty whispers through every valley and the sun of self-determination bathes every mountain peak.

I. Pillars of Pripyat

Four pillars shall forever uphold the Pripyatian spirit:

  • Freedom: Our minds shall be unchained, our voices unmuffled, and our choices unfettered. Pripyat shall be a haven for the pursuit of dreams, unburdened by shackles of tyranny.
  • Strength: In unity, we stand resolute. Our resolve shall be as granite, our courage as boundless as the open sky. We shall defend our land and our liberties with unwavering determination.
  • Knowledge: We shall be a beacon of learning, where minds ignite with the embers of curiosity. Every Pripyatian shall have the right to seek truth and understanding, for knowledge is the currency of progress and the fuel of innovation.
  • Adventure: The call of the unknown whispers in our hearts. We shall embrace the spirit of exploration, seeking new horizons and pushing the boundaries of the known. The untamed wilderness shall be our playground, the mysteries of the world our guide.
Each icon in the Pripyat Coat of Arms represents one of the four Pillars of Pripyat. The Cat represents Freedom, The Crossed Swords represent Strength, The Book represents Knowledge, and The Ship represents Adventure. The Lions on either side of the Coat of Arms represent The Twin Guardians that lead and protect Pripyat.

II. The Dual Sovereignty

The leadership of Pripyat shall be entrusted to The Twin Guardians, two individuals of equal standing and complementary strengths, chosen through a process of open and transparent elections. They shall serve as the embodiment of our dual pillars of strength and wisdom, their combined vision illuminating the path forward.

III. The Council of Ministers

To uphold the diverse needs of our land, a Council of Ministers shall stand beside The Twin Guardians. Each Minister, chosen with meticulous care, shall be a champion of a vital domain:

  • The Minister of Knowledge shall guide the pursuit of education and research, nurturing the flames of innovation within our people.
  • The Minister of Commerce shall safeguard our prosperity, fostering fair trade and economic growth that benefits all.
  • The Minister of the Open Road shall oversee the swift and safe movement of people and goods, ensuring every corner of Pripyat is connected and accessible.
  • The Minister of Whispers shall tend to our relations with the outside world, navigating the intricate tapestry of diplomacy and safeguarding our autonomy.

Further ministries may be established as the needs of our land evolve, each serving as a vital branch of the Pripyatian tree.

IV. The Rights of Pripyatians

Every citizen of Pripyat shall be entitled to:

  • Freedom of speech, assembly, and the press, that their voices may be heard and their stories told.
  • The pursuit of happiness, unencumbered by discrimination or prejudice.
  • A fair and impartial justice system, where truth prevails and justice is served.
  • The protection of their property and their persons, secure within the embrace of the law.
  • An education that unlocks their potential and empowers them to shape their own future.

V. The Unwavering Flame of Autonomy

Pripyat shall forever remain a sovereign and independent nation. No external power shall hold sway over our land, dictate our laws, or infringe upon our liberties. We shall chart our own destiny, guided by the stars of self-determination and fueled by the unwavering flame of our collective spirit.

VI. Amendments and the Future

This Constitution shall be a living document, evolving with the needs and aspirations of our people. Amendments may be proposed and ratified through a process of open and transparent debate, ensuring that the voice of every Pripyatian is heard and considered.


With hearts ablaze and minds alight, we, the people of Pripyat, do hereby pledge our unwavering allegiance to this Constitution. May it stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to freedom, strength, knowledge, and adventure. May it guide us through every challenge, illuminate every path, and forever safeguard the spirit of Pripyat.

So let the winds of liberty carry our voices, let the flames of knowledge illuminate our way, and let the spirit of adventure forever guide our hearts. For Pripyat is not merely a land; it is a promise, a dream, and a song of freedom that shall echo through the ages.