Zero Zero

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Zero Zero, also known as the Nexus, is the center of the CivClassic map, named after the x/z coordinates 0,0. The area is claimed and administered by Icenia.

It is the location of a major transport hub connected to railways to the east, west, south-west, north, and south (indirectly).


ComradeNick claimed the area before the start of the CivClassic world[1] and developed it under Westeros.

After the Blackwater incidents [2] [3] [4], ComradeNick and his people moved on to found the Holy Jaded Empire and Zero Zero was abandoned, becoming a dangerous place with Grief and random Ghasts.

Later on, Smith reminded everyone of the ancient Ring of Essence claims and started developing the area, notably the rail station, under the name NEXUS.

In March of 2019, a Bloomean diplomatic mission led by HuM4nB31nG repaired the main station of 0,0 covering and cleaning up the obby grief and putting a new floor in.

In April of 2019, Zero Zero was granted to Icenia per the Icenia-Finglish summit.