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A render of Salisbury, the capital of Gabon.
Gabon was a nation located in the northwest quadrant of CivClassic founded on June 10th, 2018. Gabon existed as part of a political union with the larger nation of Varkonia until October 2020 when a referendum was held resulting in the nation's independence. Gabon was well-known for its high-quality builds and stable government. Its capital, Salisbury, was one of the largest cities on CivClassic. Gabon is planning on moving to CivMC when the server releases as the nation of Pavia.

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The Flag of Estalia.

What is Civ?

Civ is a genre of minecraft servers in which players, not admins, create and enforce rules. It differs from anarchy servers in that players are given extensive tools to help protect themselves and imprison players.

We document these servers, the mechanics that drive them, and the rise and fall of their players and civilizations.


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