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The Comprehensive Guide provides detailed information on CivClassic mechanics that differ from vanilla Minecraft. For a concise tutorial see the Getting Started Guide. For details on editing this page refer to the talk page.


Mechanics that change terrain and chat. The terrain is bounded, the Nether dimension replaced with overworld Nether biomes. Unless a bed spawn location is set players spawn in a random location. Chat is range restricted unless a chat group is specified[clarification needed]. A limited number of blocks prone to cause lag can be placed within a single chunk. Blocks that are frequently used to identify settlements by x-rayers are automatically hidden from sight unless the player comes near them.

Plugins: Humbug RandomSpawn CivChat2 NameColors OreObfuscator SimpleAdminHacks


Mechanics that change how resources are gathered and refined. Items can be efficiently produced using factories. Factories and crops are required to enchant items. Crop growth time is dependent upon biome and ores are found in dynamically generated veins. Players can trade using chests as shops. Many tasks can be performed by scripted bots.

Plugins: FactoryMod OldEnchanting RealisticBiomes HiddenOre ItemExchange TradePlus BreweryMod ArthropodEgg RailSwitch


Mechanics to protect structures and land. Blocks can be reinforced to take many times longer to break. Access to reinforcements can be shared via groups. Placing blocks in an area can be made more difficult through bastions. Snitches can be used to log player actions in their range. Vaults can be used to imprison players.

Plugins: Citadel Bastion JukeAlert


Mechanics that change player versus player (PvP)

Killing players with an ender pearl in hotbar will imprison them. Players cannot safely logout when in active combat.

Plugins: ExilePearl EssenceGlue CombatTag


Kira links Minecraft accounts and Discord accounts, allowing for relays.

Plugins: Kira