List of players (CivRealms 2.0)

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The following is a list of players who have participated in CivRealms 2.0, with their affiliation & nation listed.

Players are welcome to put themselves on here with their own information, within these limits:

  1. List as many alts or nicknames that you're comfortable with, but should only take up two lines.
  2. The "most known for" should give something about notable about the person. If you can't think of anything, leave it blank. This field must also be kept to two lines' length.
  3. You must list your primary in-game name. Pick one, and then list all others in the alts/nicknames. If you're currently banned or inactive, please fill it out with "Currently banned" or "Currently inactive" respectively in the alts/nicknames field, with no other alts/nicknames in the box.
  4. List as many affiliations that can fit within ONE LINE. If there are redirects that shorten the length, please use it. Otherwise, use the full name of the nation. If you're not associated with a nation, list an organization. If not, leave it blank.
  5. You must list a discord or reddit username. If we can't contact you about your entry (with some exceptions), it will be unilaterally deleted as a result.

List of Players

In-game player name Alts or Nicknames Affiliation Most known for Reddit username Discord username
Aresot Aresot Varathia Emperor of Varathia /u/Aresot12 Aresot#4121
ComradeRick Rick Vibeville Peaceful wheat farmer ComradeRick#5161
DarkyDu Currently banned Bobanga First Scholar of Bobanga /u/TheFallenHero TheFallenHero#7897
ImperatorMendes Imperator Mount Augusta, Vibeville MTA Judge
Incentives Evann Vibeville Getting pearled /u/PNUMELLY Evann#3002
Jaydon Alexandria City Council of Alexandria Jaydon#9956
Maxpowerboy Moloka Senator of Moloka /u/filedeieted kebb#9498
RavenRavenRaven Raven Varathia Former Leader of Unitas u/RavenMC_ Raven#0971
Red_Medic_Leader Red Borealian Socialist Republic Founder of the Borealian Socialist Republic, Red Civitum, McCloud, Lawton u/RedXMedic Red_Medic#9275
Yellofishy Currently banned Aurora Oasis /u/Yellofishy The Yello Fello#1037
Topher3001 epictopha, Topher3003 Mount Augusta Mayor of Mount Augusta u/hayhayluke Acorn#1858
TWINKIEminer AbsoDupely Alexandria Chaos; Getting unbanned after 6 months u/TWINKIEminer TWINKIEminer#6969
Lokilog Odresh /u/Penguinloki Lokilog#1237
4788888 SalmonDinner Borealian Socialist Republic, Carbon Founder of the Borealian Socialist Republic; Former IWW UO; CLA Head Archivist /u/BrettKavanough420 SalmonDinner#5906
Narwhal 19 Bremerhaven, Wheatistan Premier of Bremerhaven u/Alexander-1 Narwhalo#2722
SwordMaster7777 Sword Vibeville Leader of Vibeville
Tukidoki Kiwi Vibeville FSA Spokesperson
Tweetabix Tweet Biscuits, Orvar Kiks Yggdrasil u/TweetBiscuits tweetabix#0660
MSPaintDailyYT Paint Sesoria Ayil of Sesoria

Emperor Of Saviors* Council Member of the Saviors

Duke Of Chicago*

Ruler of The Tuetonic Order*


Leon Sesoria Aqo of Foreign Affairs

Peaceful Diploman

Autistic but not as autistic as the other people on the server

u/Mack0315 LeonResidentInsomniac#8825
ElementKZ Adam, citydragon Sesoria, Alexandria Old Player


u/ElementKZ ElementKZ#6887
JoshyUtah Oldman Arelat / Arelat Trade Co. Bone Farmer u/joshyutah Oldman (joshyutah)#0369
chickenwinggeek Alexandria, AAAZ Head of Bureau of the A.N in Alexandrian Government and former Representative

Holder of a HiImPosey Favor

TheCatofTens Alesia Baron, Builder, and Agriculturalist of Alesia YetAnotherCivAccount
Khardbass *Permanently banned* Mount Augusta, Cantina, Chungus, Imperial Federation, Vibeville Hot takes, shit stirring u/DankestLordBB-8 Khardbass#7965