Aurora Oasis

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The Second Aurora Oasis Confederation
Auroran Flag
Flag of Aurora
Auroran Flag
Emblem of the United Republic
Activity levelOne Man Nation
AllianceCommonwealth of Moloka
Capital citySerenity, Arar Canton (de facto)
South Aurora
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
Governing documentNot yet
• Emperor
Foundation dateDecember 5 2019 - January 26 2020 (2nd Confederation)
Preceded by First Aurora Oasis Confederation (Nov 17 - Dec 2)
Succeeded byMoloka (Jan 26 - present)
ReligionCult of Unicrab
People of the Shining Crab
IdeologyCorporate Republic with Aurora characteristics
Motto"Unity Makes Prosperity"
National anthemI'm a little yellow fish (satirical)
Battle of Woodward
Part of Oklahoman-Auroran War
DateDecember 2 2019
Result Decisive Oklahoman Victory


1 unarmed


3 partially armed and armored
Commanders and leaders

Aurora Oasis


Casualties and losses
One pearled, later freed None, vault later disabled

Aurora Oasis, officially the Aurora Oasis Confederation, also known as the Aurora Oasis Confederacy, or simply Aurora, was a nation founded by Yellofishy, situated near Unitas, Carbon, Moloka, and I.C.O.R..



CivCraft Aurora, CivClassic Aurora, etc.


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First Aurora Oasis Confederation

Oklahoma Aurora war

Second Aurora Oasis Confederation

Early Days & Oklahoman-Auroran War

Aurora had a rough beginning on Civrealms, as it was harassed for being an OMN. This tension culminated with Oklahoma invading Aurora and killing Yellofishy in Mcloud, Oklahoma on December 2. Yellofishy was later pearled in the Battle of Woodward.

Peace Talks

Negotiations were attempted with Oklahoma, with Varathia acting as a mediator. However, Oklahoma was reluctant to give up its new territories, and peace talks were unsuccessful for three days. However, on day three, alpha_gale broke through the poorly secured Oklahoma vault and freed Yellofishy. This opened up much more room for a fair negotiation.

The Unitas Conference

It was later decided that Aurora would restart near Moloka and join Moloka's alliance. Aurora has since been safe from Oklahoma and has grown economically.

Oklahoma-Molokan War


On January 1st, RefreshedIbis was privately bountied and pearled by a Carbonite (Vanax45). The pearl was transferred to Oklahoma. Oklahoma attempted to extort RefreshedIbis, claiming he had hired TWINKIEminer as a lawyer and demanding 100 stamina for his release. The UCSR excommunicated Oklahoma from their alliance, and talks of an invasion begun.

Molokans going to Oklahoma to receive Yellofishy's pearl and free him.

Molokan Entry

Because of Aurora's relations with the UCSR and Ibis, Aurora was invited to the talks. Moloka and Unitas were also invited. Yellofishy and Alpha_gale traveled through Oklahoma to get to the western jungle, when Yellofishy & Alpha were pearled. Oklahoma claimed there was a "private bounty" on the two. The Molokan Commonwealth declared war on Oklahoma, starting the first proper war on CivRealms. The Molokan army attempted to recover Yellofishy's pearl in Oklahoma, as Oklahoma agreed to return the pearl (see image right).

The Molokan Army meets the Oklahoman army while travelling to Oklahoma for a pearl exchange.
Juche Forest Encounter
Molokan occupation of Oklahoma.

When travelling through Juche Forest in southern Unitas, the Molokan army met the Oklahoman army riding through Unitas (see left). The Oklahomans attacked Maxpowerboy, and the battle of Juche Forest begun. Two Oklahomans were pearled, however Kalipso was pearled on the Molokan side. The Oklahomans scattered, with most of them retreating north. The Molokans proceeded to ride south to occupy the Oklahoman capital, while the Unitasi looted the town.

ItsSnail breaks the Zexenian skyvault to free Kalipso.
Zexenian Vault Break
Molokan and Unitasi forces celebrate in Zexenia.

After learning that Kalipso's pearl was being stored in the Zexenian sky-city, the Molokans went to Braxos to restock supplies and went to Zexenia. The Molokans and Unitasi spent nearly 2 hours breaking the bastion under the sky city while being shot at. The army found an exposed entrance and broke into the sky city. The vault was subsequently breached (see inset right) and Kalipso freed. The defenders of the city left and the city was looted. Aresot was pearled randomly while in the warzone by a Oklahoman. He was freed later. Aresot claimed that the Oklahomans were moving towards Braxos. The weak Molokans were in need of supplies, and immediately returned to Braxos.

Battle of Braxos

Moments after getting resupplied, 7 fighters armed with mithril armor hit snitches in Unitas. The heavily geared army went to Braxos, Moloka on horses and began killing horses around the city. Kalipso was pearled again, and so was Maxpowerboy. Pirater was forced in a 1v6 in Braxos, but successfully pearled 3 attackers. The ecstatic Oklahomans left Max and Kalipso's pearls on the ground and they was promptly freed. The tides began to turn against Oklahoma and 4 of the 5 Oklahomans were pearled in the battle. Additionally, both Zexenians were pearled during the battle (see wikibox image). It was found that many Oklahomans were carrying obsidian, hinting at an attempt to obby bomb Braxos. Oklahoma has denied any such idea.

Oklahoman - Molokan War
Part of Oklahoman & Auroran History
DateJanuary 1- 2 2019
Braxos, Unitas, Mcloud, Zexenia
Result Oklahoman & Zexenian Surrender

Aurora Oasis

1 supporter (pearled before war)

Moloka 7 armed (2 pearled and freed during Battle of Braxos) 1 supporter (pearled before war)

United Republic

2 armed


Aresot (non combatant pearled, later freed)

File:Oklahoma.png Oklahoma

5 armed (3 present in Braxos)

File:Zexenia.png Zexenia

2 armed

Carbon (Not officially partaking in the war)

3 armed
Commanders and leaders




During War




(pearled before the Battle of Braxos)

Carbon (Not officially partaking in the war)

(pearled Ibis, Yellofishy, and Alpha, but did not fight in war)

File:Zexenia.png Zexenia

Casualties and losses
Three pearled before war, later freed and two pearled and freed during the Battle of Braxos 9 pearled (5 Oklahoman, 2 Zexenian, 3 Carbonite) , bunkers and vaults disabled, Oklahoma and Zexenia occupied by Molokan Commonwealth
An Oklahoman bunker near the Oklahoma vault.

With the 7 hour war finished, Oklahoma and Zexenia surrendered under this treaty. The treaty was later modified (yet to be revealed). The Molokans found multiple bunkers near the vault and raided them. Oklahoma refused to invite Molokans to the group that the vault was reinforced on, forcing Moloka to manually break the vault and free Alpha_gale, RefreshedIbis, and Yellofishy. The vault (see left) would be controlled by a joint Commonwealth team, and Zexenia and Oklahoma would be occupied indefinitely. All but one Oklahoman was pearled, marking a great Molokan-Commonwealth victory.

Oklahoman Vault after Molokans disabled it.

Conclusion of the Second Confederation

The second Aurora Oasis Confederation was terminated on January 26th 2020, when Yellofishy ceded Aurora to Moloka. There were two reasons that caused the fall of the nation.

Ez2Crew raids

Yellogate Scandal