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Tvtopia is the best god damn nation on this server.

We have our origins from Tvman's Private Estate. This was known for being outside the map. On my estate I conducted many experiments into the unknown forces of civ servers and I mastered those forces. Now Tvtopia rules as the earthly seat of the Celestial Empire, a nation which rules over all nations on the server through divine guidance. The Celestials, of which I am the Emperor, exist on a higher plane then the earthly mortals. I manifest myself as a gift to the race of man. We rule from the place called Tengoku which serves as the connection between Heaven and Earth allowing divinity to flow into the five elements of the world. Gensokyo recognises what we do for the world so they have allowed us to exist as a satellite state of their great society.

-His Divine Imperial Majesty, Ruler of Heaven and Earth, Navigator of the Stars and the realms beyond, The Golden Dragon that straddles the World, The bringer of Thought and Reason, The maker of Laws and Traditions, Pantokrator and the Highest of all Authority, Celestial Emperor Tvman. Long will he reign.


Tvtopia has many government ministers, animeme_master chief among them being the Prime Minister and foremost Nippon Master.

Tvtopia is known for its extensive and very epic collection of Map Art, constructed by animeme_master and Ahrimanne from July 2018 onwards. It can be viewed on CCMap here: -200, -3400.

Tvtopia is a state of Gensokyo. There was a period during the second half of 2018 where Tvtopia was forced to declare independence due to the inability of Gensokyo to oversee state-related matters due to inactivity, but now Gensokyo is active once more and those dark times are long past.

Tvtopia achieved an impressive level of success in the First Olympics, taking home the most number of medals across any nation, with 5 Gold medals, 6 Silver medals and 4 Bronze medals.