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A Factory is a special multi-block structure which provides recipes that allow for more efficient production of resources. Factories require both an initial creation cost and an upkeep cost as their health decays over time. On some civ servers, Factories are the only way to produce certain advanced items, such as Bastions on CivMC and CivClassic. They are often the only way to obtain Experience.

There are different types of Factories, and Factories can often be upgraded into more efficient ones, or into one that unlocks new recipes. This provides a tech tree of sorts, where players pool resources in order to afford building or upgrading Factories, but in return gaining access to more efficient or powerful recipes.

Almost all Factories require a fuel to run any of their recipes, in addition to the recipe's cost. This is usually Coal or Charcoal.

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To create a Factory, place a furnace, crafting table, and chest side by side. Place the creation cost of the desired factory in the chest, and then left click any of the Factory's blocks with a stick to create it.

Running /fm will show all available Factory types and their creation costs. /fm [factory name] will show a particular factory and its recipes.


The main method of interacting with a Factory is using a regular stick. Each block in a Factory acts differently when clicked with a stick.

A recipe for a Factory can be selected by clicking its crafting table with a stick. This brings up an in-game interface where the player can select the recipe to run. Each recipe has a different cost of items.

A Factory's chest is where inputs to recipes are taken from, including fuel costs. It is also where a Factory will place output items.

In order to start a Factory, left click its furnace with a stick. This will try to run the Factory's selected recipe. If there aren't enough items for the recipe in the Factory's chest, the Factory will turn off automatically.

A furnace being active means the Factory is active, and vice versa for inactive furnaces.

Clicking a Factory's chest with a stick will show the Factory's type and current health.


Factory health decays over time, and will need to be periodically repaired with its repair recipe.


  • The crafting tables 'Select a recipe' GUI has two settings consistent across all factories. The 'Toggle auto select' setting, symbolized by a redstone block when turned on causes the factory to automatically select any recipe it has the ingredients to run whenever it is activated. Be careful as some factories create an output in one recipe and take it as input in another recipe meaning the two products cycle until charcoal runs out. The 'Open menu' setting symbolized by a painting opens a GUI equivalent to the /fm [factory name] command.
  • Redstone that activated the factory furnace will cause the factory to run
  • Factories can be placed vertically
  • After 1000 days in a broken state the factory will break permanently and irreparably. If a component (furnace, crafting table and chest) or all components of the factory are physically broken they can be replaced in the same location and the factory can be recreated for half of the initial factory setup creation cost.

See Also

Command Reference

Command Description
/fm Brings up the in-game Factory interface.
/fm [factory_name] Brings up the in-game Factory interface for the given factory. Provides details on the construction cost and recipes.
/item [item] Displays the factory recipes that use this item as input, or provide it as output.