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Personal Info
Current Citizenships Lambat-Legacy
 Cortesia Del Mar
Known ForSecretariat Member of CDM
Was an important member of Lambat
Main ResidenceCortesia Del Mar
Known Spoken Languages
  • English
Favorite Music GenreClassical
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic
Iterations played onCivClassic CivMC

CommradePotatoe is a civ player who played on CivClassics and is planning on playing on the upcoming server of CivMC. He was an active member of the Lambatan government from May to November 2021. His planned main residence on CivMC will be Cortesia Del Mar, while remaining as a normal player in Lambat and Lusitania. He is known for being sarcastically egotistical and declaring most discord servers he joins his is some fashion.

Initial time on CivClassics 2.0

CommradePotatoe initially discovered CivClassics via a Reddit post made to r/imaginarymaps Subreddit, and

began to research the server through CivWiki and through the server Subreddit. CommradePotatoe spent about a month and a half before joining since he didn't possess the Java version of Minecraft at that point. During his time of research, he came across the Free City of Pacem, impressed by the detail of the CivWiki page, and interested in Pacem's building culture, Potatoe decided to head there. CommradePotatoe would spawn in Icenia's Carbon Island Chain and head to 0,0, where he would then head to Pacem in hopes of becoming a citizen. After making a stop in Alexandria, Potatoe would finally reached Pacem before logging off.

Time in Pacem

Potatoe quickly got citizenship and became a member of the city. He then got an apartment and set up a dye shop, and began to sell from there. He would invite some of his friends to the city in an attempt to bring the city out of its inactivity, but failed when they soon stopped playing. He would visit other countries such Mount September, where he became acquaintances with Nebula while exploring Mount Augusta. Eventually though, he would grow bored in Pacem due to the lack of players and began looking for other countries to join.

Time in Icenia

After mining for resources, Potatoe decided to move to Icenia, ironically the same place he initially spawned in. He would soon construct a house there with another dye shop in an attempt to make more money. His time in Icenia would consist of ferrying dye from Pacem to Icenia and collecting more resources. Potatoe faced a different problem in Icenia, unlike in Pacem, where players were few and far between, Icenia was a lively and very active city, which he felt was hard to integrate into. He once again grew bored and began to look for another nation to join. Potatoe would retain citzenship in both of these countries, but he would only really use his homes there as personal outposts to supply his Dye Shops. The plot he built his house/shop on would be right next to the future embassy of Lambat, which Potatoe himself would build.

Some Notable Events

Time in Lambat

Early Period

While going to purchase some vodka from Nebula up in Anyakova, Potatoe passed through a newly created country known as Lambat, which had recently been raided, and decided to donate a few extra diamonds he didn't spend on the vodka. Interested in the country because of their recent posts to the subreddit, he decided to gain another citizenship. Unlike Pacem and Icenia, Lambat provided a more friendly environment which was easy to get involved in since the nation had been recently created. He would go on to repurpose old railways west of the Lambatan mainland that connected to the colonies of Isla Occidental and New Kaylayann and reorganize them into the Lambatan Colonial Line (LBCL) Afterwards he would later run and become elected as a judge on May 15th. A day later he would also become the Lambatan Minister of Industry and Trade.

During this time he would become close friends with players such as Kaprediem and Banyough, and befriending others such as Kloudei, Yodabird, Metriximor, and Hills4Real. He would also invite his IRL friend Ch1pR to Classics, who joined Lambat at first, would later go on to found Sussex. On July 28th, He was moved from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. One June 15th, Commrade would run for vice president, alongside InvertedMind. They would lose this election, but only by 4 votes. This would start CommradePotatoe's political career inside of Lambat, which would be defined by an attempted friendly opposition to the ruling group of Lambat. On the same day he would also apply for Cocoian citizenship, though unlike his previous acquisitions of citizenship, was nothing more than a sigh of friendship between Capeland and Lambat. Eventually he would also dig half of the Pacem line tunnel in the deep +,+.

On July 24th, Potatoe would go on to form the Special Adminstrative Region of Vesteria, with the goal of bringing his IRL friends together, alongside SpacemanSpleef. Banyough would help out by building factories in the area, but a combined lack of motivation on most parts, including Potatoe's, led to the project failing and becoming nothing more than a storage area.

In late august, Ch1pR would masquerade as ZombiOsprey, who would claim to be a NATO alt with drop chests inside of Port Gretsin. Due to a border closure, which was caused by MTS iceroad incident, ZombiOsprey was kept out of Lambat. He would later be pearled, as would Ch1pR. Due to an accidental association of their accounts, Potatoe would be pearled for about 2 days until their accounts were de-associated. This didn't sour Potatoe's relations with Ch1pR much, but did lead to distrust between Lambat and Sussex, and his removal from the Ministry of Defense. Kaprediem would resign because of the current server chaos and would end Lambat's early period.

Some Notable Events

Late Period

Artifical's Presidency

During AD's presidency, instability began to brew in Lambat's norther neighbor of Sussex. Ch1pR, who had resigned because of the afermentioned ZombiOsprey Incident, would return and end the shortly lived democracy. Lambat had become wary of Sussex because of its association with Appomattox ever since its beginning. Potatoe, due to his friendship with Ch1pR, had admin in the Sussex discord during these times and learned of the Sussex National Imperial Reclamation Party, which spoke of reuniting Appomattox. Potatoe did report this information to the Lambatan government and began kept tabs on Sussex. Not much happened outside some criticism, but Potatoe viewed Sussex in a negative light.

With Kaprediems resignation and ArtificialDriver's ascension to the presidency, began a new era, one marked with more political debate and a lessened state of activity. Up until this point Lambatan Politics had been always been in agreement, with the only real discussion being between the two unofficial advisors of Lambat, Metriximor and Yodabird. Throughout this time, discussions would occur between them, and although Potatoe did not take much part in these discussions, he did find himself agreeing more with Yodabird over Metriximor. This would culminate with the creation of the Lambatan Accession Party, in which he would be a major member of.

A newfriend would join by the name of TheDairyMan would spawn in Lambat and would soon create a town known as Ohio. He would go on to create a town with some other friends from his discord server and create a town inside of Chungia. The agreement reached between them allowed for them to build a town within the land, but it would remain sovereign Chungian land. This agreement would not last however, as a couple days later Ohio would declare independence and attempt to create a new country. At first Potatoe was sympathetic to Ohio because of his dealings with Magnileve and knowledge that Chungia tended to be imperialistic with its claims. This would set off the Ohio Crisis, where he would attempt to negotiate a peace between the two parties. During this time he was unaware of the CES force gathering to prepare an invasion, and that any negotiations would most likely fail. Potatoe would join Ohio's discord, which was an outside group joining CivClassics. After investigating the discord, he found that discord contained large amounts of sexual and racist content. Upon this discovery, Potatoe would take screenshots and end any negotiations between Magnileve and TheDairyMan. This would end Potatoe's involvement with Ohio from there on out.

The November Elections and Strife

Eventually Artificial's term would come to an end with the November Elections. Unlike the last election, Potatoe would run for President instead of Vice President, with Hills4Real as his running mate. The election would be marked with discussions in Lambat's discord, propaganda posters made on both sides, and signage throughout Lambat City. Speeches would be made of both sides, with Potatoe bringing up stories of his leadership on other servers. Lambat's activity grew immensely during this time and the election showed this. The elections resulted with 22 to 13 votes in favor of Kaprediem against Potatoe, with a total of 35 citizens partaking. Although considered friendly during the elections, events would soon prove the much more volatile political environment which had laid dormant. During this time he would become closer friends to Yodabird19, who was one of his few political allies.

The Battle of Eddie Murphy would begin in mid November, and would sour the CES's standing in Lambat. Kaprediem would announce the departure from the CES Alliance soon thereafter. With the political scene in an active state from the election, combined with the departure, led to CommradePotatoe making a statement against the decision. This would initiate a heated debate in the Lambatan discord about the CES Lambat's foreign relations. Potatoe would respond to some initial comments but would stop due to the stress of the event. He would still watch the situation feeling a myriad of emotions. Initially he wrote responses to peoples comments during the discussion and kept adding more messages with the continuing debate. Because of overwhelming amounts of stress at the time, he refrained from posting the responses. After seeing AD's renouncement of citizenship, which he felt was an intense overreaction to the situation, shifted away from the CES issue and began to write a lengthy criticism of Lambatan democracy and its cultural failure to adjust to Politics. During this time he would be offered Cortesian citizenship, which he would accept. At first trying to review the document for any errors, he would procrastinate on posting it for various in and out of game reasons. He would vacate the civ community entirely, with months passing until Potatoe decided to just go through with it on March 16th 2022. Expecting another debate, and a cessation of his friendships, Lambat would receive the document with agreement and general positivity.


With CommradePotatoe's return to the Civ community being prior to the eventual release of the server, he had decided on some vague plans for the server to stick to. He planned to make Cortesia his main home, and operate in Cortesian Foreign Service. He planned on working with international rail networks, and helping said projects with developing cargo networks to help further international trade. These plans however, would not come to fruition.

With CivMC's SOTW, Potatoe would discover CDM's claim.