Ohio Crisis

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The Ohio Crisis
DateEST: 3 September 2021


  • Decisive victory for Capeland and CES
  • Ongoing threats from Ohioans via Subreddit PvP
  • Establishment of New Ohio


Casualties and losses
None 11 Ohioan fighters
1 hired mercenary

The Ohio Crisis was a conflict on CivClassic 2.0 between the Autonomous region of Chungia, Capeland and the Ohio separatists that begun in September 3, 2021[citation needed]. Cocoan forces, together with volunteer militia from the CES, battled against Ohio after a heated territorial dispute.


On August 31st, Ohio was founded on Chungian land by Grodicus and his friends. Chungia quickly discovered Ohio and asked for the Ohioans to leave, but instead a deal was struck in which Ohio was allowed to continue building on Chungian land. However, the Ohioans started to build over their boundaries, and rumors spread of Ohio wanting to declare independence. Do to those reasons and some others, Chungia and Capeland decided that Ohio could no longer build on their land. On September 2nd, approximately 2 hours before Chungia was planning on announcing Ohio's removal from Chungian land, Chungian traitor Megamations warned the Ohioans of the upcoming announcement, and Ohio prepared for war, recruiting fighters and gearing them up.

The Ohio Massacre

On September 3rd, a small number of CES troops entered Ohio, and after a standoff where the Ohioans attempted to negotiate with the CES, Ohio attacked. The Ohioans were quickly slaughtered and pearled by the CES. Even though very few CES troops had been admistered, they outmatched the Ohioans in both gear and skill. After the CES defeated Ohio, all territory was overtaken by Chungia. Following the battle, the Ohioans formed a new nation known as New Ohio.