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Personal Info
Current Citizenships Rivenfall
Known ForQueen of Rivenfall
Former Citizenships (CivClassic) Caledonia Lambat
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic 2.0
Iterations played onCivClassic 2.0

InvertedMind, officially InvertedMind, the Queen of Rivenfall is a civ player that has played on CivClassic 2.0 and CivMC. She is known for her deeds in the Eastern quadrants of CivClassic, namely in Caledonia, Lambat and the CES, and more recently, for founding her own nation of Rivenfall.


Inverted joined CivClassic during the summer of 2019, taking the eastern rail and joining Caledonia after seeing a nation ad they had posted. She played for a few weeks, before attempting and failing to found her own nation near 0,0, due to some claims conflicts with neighbors, after which she quit. She returned to CivClassic and Caledonia in December of 2020, finding that only a few government members were still playing, and decided to make an effort to revitalize a dying Caledonia, focusing on the new town of Corinth, something she spent several months doing. However, after having a series of disagreements with and receiving insults from Hockey328, who was now leader of Caledonia and a friend of hers, she left Caledonia for Lambat, hoping to make some new friends there. She also was active within the CES alliance at this time, who she was elected to be a diplomat and representative for. After finding that the various members of the CES were in many conflicts and quickly militarizing despite the proposed peaceful nature of the alliance, she left CivClassic and her position as a representative of the alliance, and didn't return.


After taking several months away from Civ, Inverted returned to find that CivClassics had ended and CivMC was being developed. Missing her old lifestyle in Caledonia but not wanting to join it's remaining members in Dalgon, she founded the nation of Rivenfall, who she still leads to this day.

Additional Facts

  • Inverted ran for president of Lambat shortly after becoming a citizen of the nation, under the Commerce and Infrastructure Party (CAI), losing to Kaprediem by a few votes
  • Inverted caused a ban on berry bushes being placed near streets in Lambat after placing too many around the city