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Part of Gensokyo
Server IterationCivClassic 2.0
Prime Ministeranimeme_master

Tvtopia was a state of Gensokyo on CivClassic 2.0. There was a period during the second half of 2018 where Tvtopia was forced to declare independence due to the inability of Gensokyo to oversee state-related matters due to inactivity, but Gensokyo became active again.


Tvtopia has many government ministers, animeme_master chief among them being the Prime Minister and foremost Nippon Master.

Tvtopia is known for its extensive and very epic collection of Map Art, constructed by animeme_master and Ahrimanne from July 2018 onwards. It can be viewed on CCMap here: -200, -3400.

Tvtopia achieved an impressive level of success in the First Olympics, taking home the most number of medals across any nation, with 5 Gold medals, 6 Silver medals and 4 Bronze medals.