Clown Wars

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Clown Wars
Icenia, New Sovia

Heavenly Concord

Commanders and leaders
Yoahtl Neotide

New Sovia Pirater

New Sovia Swiftfizz
Casualties and losses

Icenia (CivClassic 2.0) Mugo

Icenia (CivClassic 2.0) Quanton_Biscuit

The New Sovia-Icenia War, commonly known as the 'Clown Wars' was a brief military conflict on CivClassic 2.0 between the Republic of Icenia and New Sovia dating from June 20th, 2019 to June 26th, 2019. The war resulted in an white peace and a temporary reduction in tensions between New Sovia and Icenia.

Prelude to War

Tensions began to rise after Pirater, a prominent New Sovian leader was unpearled by Mir after serving his sentence for crimes committed during the bombing of Palgrave. Upon being freed, Pirater accused ChrisChrispie, President of Icenia of stealing a large sum of diamonds from him when he accidentally fell to his death in Icenia City. ChrisChrispie refuted this by stating that he had in fact returned the diamonds to Pirater. Following this, New Sovia committed a series of trespasses on the Icenian vault construction zone, resulting in several Sovians being banned from Icenia. The final cause for war was when Mugo, an Icenian spy, was pearled while infiltrating New Sovia.

Raid on Icenia

Attack on the Icenian Vault Hole

A couple of days later after a period of subreddit pvp, the Icenian government received intelligence that the Sovians along with their allies in the Heavenly Concord were planning a raid on Icenia City and had plans to SRO bomb the Icenian vault construction project. While both Quanton_Biscuit and Lagiacrus11 were being trained by Neotide, a Yoahtlin general, it was evident that Icenia's military was outclassed by it's Sovian counterpart. To protect the vault hole Quanton_Biscuit, Lagiacrus11, SoundTech, and ChrisChrispie placed an obsidian shield over the exposed bedrock in the vault construction project protecting it from obsidian bombing. When the Sovian attackers arrived, they found protected bedrock thus making their original task of disabling Icenia's vault hole impossible. Instead, the raiding party moved into Icenia City.

Riot in Icenia City

The group of Sovians moved through Icenia City and eventually found Lagiacrus11 barricaded in his home; the rioters quickly began to break through the windows and doors and exchanged arrow fire with him. Lagiacrus managed to escape his home and fought the Sovians through a rail tunnel until they reached the Bloom border where the Sovian attackers broke off their pursuit. During this time, a peace keeping force from the UNC arrived containing a number of UNC fighters and BritishWanderer, the UNC Speaker of the House.

After Lagiacrus's escape, ThothsLibrarian, an ex-Hjaltlad took up defense of the city and pearled Pirater before quickly releasing him. The Sovians then quickly dispersed and escaped through the end portal back to their territory.

Lagiacrus11 takes an arrow from a New Sovian raider.

Following this, Thoths attacked and killed BritishWanderer before being promptly pearled. This attack on the UNC was part of an elaborate ploy to exchange Thoth's pearl for that of PapaPound's; a plan created by Thoths and Evocator, the leader of Corvus. This began the events leading to the Corvus-Entente War and the Infinity War.

Post Riot and Peace Talks

A few days after the riots, Swiftfizz, a Sovian leader and a strong fighter entered Icenia and pearled Judge Quanton_Biscuit is his castle. As a result Icenia posted an 800 diamond bounty on Swiftfizz. By this time public opinion had shifted into Icenia's favor and the Sovian council began to fall to infighting with some members desiring peace while others wishing to continue the war. After negotiations conducted by Vendetta_, the Icenian Minister of Foreign Affairs, a peace treaty was signed between New Sovia and Icenia in which both Mugo and Quanton_Biscuit were freed, New Sovia took full responsibility for the war, and Icenia dropped the 800 diamond bounty on Swiftfizz and allowed him to reenter Icenia.

Many of the tensions created by the Clown Wars extended over into the eventual LSD and Chic-Fil-A crisis and Icenia's short, but eventual, declaration of war upon Laconia following the fall of Ransakistan.