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The National Inquisitor Guard (in spanish, Guardia Nacional Inquisidora) is a special operations group from Tierra de Conciencia, formed on February 2018. Their motto is "No one expects the inquisition" (in spanish, Nadie espera la inquisición).

The GNI logo is based on the flag of Tierra de Conciencia, a yellow sun atop a red mountain on a blue field. The Sun is replaced with a pig, the group's spirit animal.

The commander in chief of the group is StateApparatus, and as of January 2019, it had an estimate of 5 members.


(Latest to Oldest)

Notable Members

  • StateApparatus (Commander "Stoot")
  • Godomasta ("El Godo")
  • YourAverageRick ("YAR")
  • Not_Coach ("Cooch")