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Kanagawa Flag
Kanagawa's Flag.


Kanagawa is a defunct nation which was intially an independent nation and subsequently a territory of Gensokyo. It was founded in late August 2018 and had a large initial burst of activity during November of 2018. Annwyn assisted greatly in Kanagawa's creation with gifts and assistance against raiders. Kanagawa's leadership, culture and land were largely inherited by the contemporary nation of New Cascadia.


The territory of Kanagawa had 2 treaties in effect in the duration of its existence.

The Treaty of Auslafen

The Treaty of Auslafen was a treaty between Kanagawa and the SPQR over a small portion of former Kaltsburg land on the main island of Kanagawa. The treaty outlined requirements from Kanagawa when receiving the land in question. Auslafen was a huge opportunity for Kanagawa as it provided another set of land to continue farming operations. The full treaty is available for further research on a google document.[1]

The Treaty of Matsumoto

The signing of the Treaty of Matsumoto resulted in Kanagawa becoming a territory of Gensokyo. Negotiations for the treaty begun on 3 April 2019, a few months after Gensokyo returned to ingame activity, and were finalized and signed on that same day.


Kanagawa was formed in August of 2018 and only became largely active during early November 2018. Thanks to the creator Kaloa_HG having factory perms in the nation of Gensokyo and very great assistance from the nearby nation of Annwyn, Kanagawa was almost immediately ready to begin construction on the Capital City of Ninomiya.

The Beginning Years

Kaloa_HG logged onto CivClassics for the first time in around September 2017 during Gensokyo's Castle Construction. Kaloa_HG assisted Gensokyo in partially building one of the bridges, the eastern bridge which today is in ruins was the bridge Kaloa assisted with. This was the first experience any Kanagawan Citizen had with CivClassics.

The Start of Everything

After returning to find Gensokyo inactive in August of 2018, Kaloa_HG founded Kanagawa with several other users. With assistance from Annwyn (at the time Mithril). Kanagawa was able to gather a small amount of resources. Due to outside issues, Kanagawa fell into inactivity until November of 2018. In November 2018, Kaloa_HG returned with SnowUnix to begin laying down groundwork for the Capital, Ninomiya. Ninomiya began to sprawl out while Goldminer2003 began work on yet another city, Faliea. Kaloa_HG worked closely with Annwyn, and a few other nations nearby to create factories. Once this was done, Kanagawa had 2 months of decent activity. But yet again Kanagawa inevitably fell back into inactivity in January of 2019.

Return to Activity and Statehood of Gensokyo

Around this time (January 2019), Gensokyo had returned to activity and begun working on major projects. Shortly after, Kanagawa became active again and given its proximity to and history with Gensokyo, begun collaborating on these projects. Consequently, on 3 April 2019, Kaloa_HG accepted a proposal, the Treaty of Mastumoto, from Gensokyo to become a state.

Revocation of Statehood and the End of Kanagawa

Kanagawa continued to be an active state of Gensokyo for several months. However, after some time, Kanagawan leadership found the conditions of statehood to no longer be beneficial. These conditions, and the desire among the Kanagawan populace for a more isolationist approach than Gensokyo and Kanagawa had pursued up to that point, also led to the desire to form a completely new nation, to be called New Cascadia. On 15 November, New Cascadia was formed, inheriting the entirety of Kanagawa's land, buildings, wealth, and leadership. Simultaneously, as the Treaty of Matsumoto contained an exit clause, this clause was invoked by Kaloa_HG, removing the final obligation of the legal entity of Kanagawa; at that point, Kanagawa ceased to exist as a nation.


Capital Prefecture

The Capital Prefecture was the main prefecture of Kanagawa, and held Kanagawa's Capital: Ninomiya. All political matters, regional or international, were dealt with in the Capital Prefecture.

Faliea Prefecture

The Faliea Prefecture was mainly a defense/tourism prefecture, showing some of the finest buildings and landscape in Kanagawa; it had certain special laws allowing the prefecture to have a form of its own government system. The Faliea Prefecture experienced heavy construction activity throughout 2019.

Iwate Prefecture

The Iwate prefecture was one of Kanagawa's few Farmland Prefectures, it was used for only Farmland and some buildings involved just for the prefecture's functioning such as storehouses.