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Normandy (+,-)
Location3400 -400
Activity levelDefunct
Capital cityNormandy
Succeeded byDuchy of Verda

Normandy was a state in the +,- and for some time, the +,+ too.[1] It was announced by u/LeSociete on June 6th, 2017 though it had existed since the start of the world.[2][3] It was actually Iria but with a different name because they weren't sure about if it was going to be Iria.[4] The next day, they expanded their claim into what is now the Stormmire Highlands.[5] On August 6th, 2017, Normandy was annexed into the Duchy of Verda. This is since the people of Normandy, who were actually Irians, were going east since they had been raided.[6] Craiggrad was also annexed on the same day.[7]


The core lands of what was Normandy are presently held by Varkonia and Icenia as of September 2021.