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kulupu pi ma Masuno
Province of Masuno
Flag of Masuno
World map showing Masuno within Reggio Argeddina
Capital city'Omosuno
National Colors
  Desert yellow
  Spirit blue
• jan lawa
Foundation date23 June 2022
Foundation documentlipu pi ma Masuno
LanguageToki Pona (official)
Religionnasin olin pi nena mama sewi

Masuno, officially kulupu pi ma Masuno or the Province of Masuno, called ma suno by inhabitants, is a Tokiponist autonomous territory of the Republic of Reggio Argeddina on CivMC, located in the southwestern Western Continent in the -,+ quadrant.


Masuno was founded on the 23rd of June 2022 by Tokiponist pilgrims originating from Pavia, who set out west in search of a desert land. Following negotiations with local leaders, the settlers decided to establish an autonomous territory in the southeast of the Republic of Reggio Argeddina.

On the 28th of June, the lipu pi ma Masuno[1], the official charter of the community, was signed by Hitobashuru, leader of Masuno, and MrScafuto, the leader of Reggio Argeddina. The lipu demarcates Masuno's borders within Reggio Argeddina, guarantees the right to self-government, and establishes Toki Pona as the official and primary language of the community, among other formalities. The document itself is written singularly in Toki Pona.

On the 1st of August, a wave of settlers came from the ma pona pi toki pona discord server came and joined a settlement in Masuno, informally termed "Kalawa," after the name of its Citadel group, making it the largest town in the territory.


The province lies in the southernmost desert of the Western Continent, stretching across the low-lying, rocky mainland where the capital of 'Omosumo and most of the population is centered, to the red hills of the archipelago of Lojema.


Masuno is the world's only officially Tokiponist territory, where the language of Toki Pona is predominantly spoken and has official status. Toki Pona is an intentionally simplistic constructed language created by Sonja Lang in 2001, with ~137 key words. The lipu pi ma Masuno guarantees the right of all Tokiponists on the server to seek residence in Masuno[1]. For ease of access, all criminal laws which could apply to foreigners also have an official English translation.

The province's locales and settlements have etymologies derived from Toki Pona, which can be seen on this table:

Local Etymologies
Name Origin Translation Notes
Masuno ma suno Sun land Contracted
Lojema ma loje Red land Contracted, flipped
'Omosuno tomo suno Sun house Contracted, shortened
Osusasi Onomatopoeia for sand blowing against clay Uses Toki Pona syllables
Illustrated map of Masuno, by hitobashuru


The traditional (non-official) religious belief in Masuno is the nasin olin pi nena mama sewi - translated loosely 'The Loving Way of the Divine Egg'. This practice is centered around ritual devotion to the enormous clay egg - commonly called Osusasi - which rises inexplicably from the Masuni desert.


Masuno has issued a number of local laws and statutes:

Documents of the Province of Masuno
The Name Date Language(s) Purpose
lipu pi ma Masuno 28th June 2022 Toki Pona Official founding 'charter' of Masuno laying out territory and basic functions.
lipu lawa pi lanpan ma 3rd July 2022 Toki Pona, English Criminalizing the foreign harvesting of sand or terracotta from Masuno.