Gang Shi

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Holy Empire of Gang Shi
Flag of Gang Shi
Land claims of Gang Shi
DemonymGang Shitter
Capital cityBlacklight
• Holy Emperor of Gang Shi
• Emperors Right Hand
• Imperial Council
___TheBoss___, K0mmi, SirFrenchie, XxTBxX3276, Alexkyry
Foundation dateSeptember 19 2022
Preceded byIMC and Titan Industries

Gang Shi was a nation in the northeastern frontier of Eastern Continent in CivMC. It was a successor of Titan and IMC that formed after the Generic War in September 2022, occupying the territory owned by those nations between June and September. Gang Shi was primarily militaristic and isolationist; it prohibited unauthorized personnel from entering its Militarized Zone,[1] and was involved in the Arnen-Temporal Isles war as an ally of Arnen.[2] Norfland, part of Gang Shi, is open to visitors. Gang Shi was part of the Gensokyo Organized Defense treaty.[3] Gang Shi was official disbanded after the SEC-Gang Shi war in April, 2023, with many of its members pearled and territory declaimed. During the Buttsecs War, remnants from the Gang Shi community sided with Butternut and fought against the SEC, successfully defeating and destroying the coalition, successfully reviving their nation.

On October 22nd, 2023, Yoahtl announced a non-aggression pact between themselves and Gang Shi, hoping to foster peace in the continent between the two neighboring nations.[4]

In reaction to these revelations, Yoahtl announced that the non-aggression pact with Gang Shi had been rendered null and void[5]. That same day, Yoahtl and Icenia formed the Dawn Guard Pact, launching a preemptive strike on Black Mesa in Gang Shi and initiating the War of the Icenian Coalition.

On December 12, ComradeNick published a letter revealing that he had betrayed Gang Shi, allowing the DGP to overrun their defensive infrastructure. Icenian President ChrisChrispie announced that the DGP would be attempting to temporarily seizing control of the entirety of Gang Shi's land, but Estalia intervened and claimed the land under their protection for preservation.