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The Most Serene Republic of Titan
Location0, 11200
Activity level20-25ish at one point
• Leaders
Foundation dateJanuary, 2014
Preceded byChanada, FAGT

Titan was a deep south city located on the border between the -,+ and +,+ quadrants of Civcraft 2.0. It was founded in early January of 2014 as a new capital for the Federal Assembly of Grand Territories.


After being driven from the lands of 7k 7k by Sloths_Rock, the men of FAGT relocated to a deep south mushroom biome to begin construction of a new settlement. Worried about a repeat of the initial attack, plans were soon made for the construction of a faux city to serve as a "lightning rod" for the true settlement. Attacks on the HQ soon preceded ones on the city, however, causing the lightning rod plan to be abandoned and instead the construction of Titan as a fortress city and capital began in earnest.

Throughout its existence thereafter, it became a beacon for channers to thrive and established a strong political presence headed by rydenstrife. The political structure was democratic in the beginning but as it began to show signs of not working, Ryden took over as dictator (Dicktater) and continued to lead it through its most thriving times. As Secretary of Defense, llShadyGuyll served as the brains behind all of Titan's currently existing defense mechanisms that makes Titan nearly untouchable. Titan was the top seller of Bastions, deemed "Titan Industries," and through this incredibly expensive market found untold wealth through legitimate means. During Ryden's rules, it survived and co-led a major war with Duck City at a great cost but no regrets were had. It is easily one of the most memorable moments where everyone came together, old and new, to challenge the ways of what once was the most corrupted and unfortunately powerful group on the server. Titan was guerrilla griefed by ribagi under the name of NJPlams, and later helped clean it up when we came to good terms. FAGT, thus Titan, has been friends with the old members of Duck City since then.

Ryden retired, leaving Shadyguy as Dicktater during a period of inactivity for Titan. Kovio and Shadyguy soon came to an idea of founding Chanada, a cooperative of the Chan towns. Originally underestimated, Chanada grew to become a powerful partnership of active citizens and competent leaders. Shadyguy then handed over Dicktatership to Hantzu, a fellow Chanadian and more active at the time.

Titan War

Together with Papa_Pound, Hantzu co-lead a civil war against the main power players of Civcraft. They used Titan's formidable defenses as their base. Soon known as the "Bulwark", many fighters were friends of Papa's from other servers. It became a full-out war of Carson and its allies directly against the group now deemed the HCF. The struggle and siege lasted weeks, with massive losses on both sides. The war was lost after both Hantzu and Papa_Pound were alt banned and an attempted attack on Playpen failed. Together with the emergence of Libertas, who took the bulk of Titan's fighters and supplies under their new banner, it served to deescalate the conflict. Libertas later split and dropped it's ancap identity and was dissolved with the new Kingdom of Nox as its successor state.

Titan itself was handed over to Draziw following the alt-ban of Hantzu. She, along with Shadyguy and MonsieurWTF, were in the progress of rebuilding and remodeling the city, but later handed leadership over to Rydenstrife.