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3 contestants on stage in Gabon competing in the Civ Quiz Gameshow
Brinton buzzes in to answer a question.

Civ Quiz Gameshow was an event that first occurred on the 19th of December 2020 in Gabon on CivClassics[1] and was intended to be a regular event but only 2 quizzes were ever run. The first ever winner was Neosaur beating his contestants ChrisChrispie and brinton. Civ Quiz Gameshow was created and run by Lodish. The final quiz was run several hours before CivClassic 2.0's end of the world event.

no. Date Contestants Location Server Winner
1st 2020/12/19 3 Gabon CivClassic 2.0 Neosaur
2nd 2021/12/18 8 Gabon CivClassic 2.0 Ahrimanne