Shardore Tower Library

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Shardore Tower Library
ShardoreTowerLibrary Oct2018.jpg
Location:Shardore Tower, Mt. Augusta
Coordinates:-7292, +2800, 67
Designed by:Gobblin
Built by:Gobblin, Logic_Man
Owned by:Maester Alliance
Date opened:October 19, 2018
Number of books:103 (Aug 16, 2019)
Collection overview:Shardore Tower Library Collection

The Shardore Tower Library is the biggest library in the city of Mt. Augusta and, likely, all of Civclassic.

It was built by the two founders of the Order of St. Marcus, Gobblin and Logic_Man, and is managed collectively by the Maester Alliance. There is a CivTCG card based on the building.

Shardore Libarary seen with shaders