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The New World Rail was a rail tunnel connecting the main continent and the New World using the Aqua Nether shard on CivRealms.


On the 2nd of February 2021, Okx announced on reddit [1] a reward of 150 stamina for the first person who would build a rail from the main shard to the New world. TTastic added 100 stamina to this bounty. The player ScoopyScoops instantly started the digging from west from Yamato's Aqua Nether. In the end of march, the BSR started to help from their side and they agreed on meeting at the -15K mark. The last rail was placed on the 4th of March, a little more than one month after the announcement of the reward. A few people participated to the project by giving some materials like iron ingots.


Construction Costs

To dig the tunnel, approximetaly 90 000 stone blocks were destroyed, and 387 stacks of iron were used to craft the rails. 332 stacks of wheat were used to produce the high quantity of steel, as well as a compacted stack of clay, 2 of charcoal and some other crafting materials.


In the main land, the entrance was located in Jeju's AN, -1467, -964, and in the new world, the entrance was located in Paradise's AN, -23970, -4880

Map of the New World rail

Travel time

The tunnel took 36 minutes and 40 seconds [2] to be fully crossed over, which was 10 minutes shorter than using a boat, and was possible to AFK travel.