Grand Imperium Stelae

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Stelae are small memorials bearing a single written sign, found throughout the Grand Imperium in cities and wildnerness and serving to define and express the vaules of the Grand Imperium. The inscriptions are normally quotations attributed to Emperor Attoprak, but may also be quotations from famous people throughout history or gameplay advice. Stela inscriptions are often loosely related to nearby buildings. For example, quotations on generosity accompanying a donation chest or quotations on productivity accompanying item farms.

There are currently no stelae, with more added as the Imperium's towns and territories expand:

Grand Imperium (CivMC) Stelae List
Stela Province Location Inscription

There were currently 15 stelaes on the CivClassic server:

Grand Imperium (CivClassic 2.0) Stelae List
Stela Province Location Inscription
1 Isi Amsterdam Imperium House 'The Emperor's Law is neither merciful nor cruel'
2 Isi Amsterdam Grand Canal 'Don't forget to /manaclaim!'
3 Isi Amsterdam Station 'Peace at home, peace abroad'
4 Isi Amsterdam Bank 'Generosity is a mark of wealth both temporal and spiritual'
5 Isi Isi Tree Farm 'Only the strong are free'
6 Isi Isi Wheat Farm 'When we glorify the Emperor, we glorify ourselves'
7 Isi Isi Cactus Farm 'Better to serve amidst majesty than rule amidst squalor'
8 Isi Isi/TdC Sea Tunnel
9 Tutela Tutela Factories
10 Tutela Tutela Cactus Farm
11 Guney Capitum Post Office, Provision Street 'Order within, chaos without'
12 Guney Capitum Imperial Shrine
13 Guney Capitum NADA Museum
14 Guney Capitum Ministry of Production 'Let us be rich in seen and unseen wealth'
15 Guney Capitum, Wadding Street 'Where there are ten laws, there is strife; where one law, order'