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Hello, I am transferring the dispute that Bloof_ made on The No State Commune page to this page, as her dispute was almost exclusively against the TNSC-Acadia conflict section, and this is now the TNSC-Acadia Conflict page.


Add images of TNSC and all that jazz Remove blatant bias from article

bloof (July 2, 2022) current issues:

  • overall, article is written as a story rather than a wiki article
  • writes Rain, ZombieStriker, and other TNSC members as characters in a story as opposed to an unbiased report

- Acadian Conflict -- references past occasions that do not pertain to current -- claims that acadian members treated Rain poorly, as well as multiple implications that Acadia is an imperialist state while TNSC is pacifist. The way this is written is extremely biased - JuniorTide's house "griefed" with signs -- completely unrelated to TNSC - Pentigrass incident -- implies Acadian discussions based on unfounded rumors - hawkeye0066 - Acadia Incident -- continues notion of painting Rain in a certain light, rather than an unbiased article -- "against our warnings" "We held him accountable for his bad behavior!", written from TNSC perspective - Side boxes/battle boxes/don't know what they're called -- should be removed -- "Massive loss of dignity. L." -- extreme bias - Acadia Raids TNSC's Bunker -- "Rain was perfectly fine..." should be removed, bias -- "horrible truth" bias -- "probably an alt" bias/unneeded -- "toxic actions" bias -- provides a vote count from another nation's private channels with no citation - TTastic, Okx, MrJeremyFarmer Raid -- first paragraph should be removed, written as a story -- "shitter behavior" bias - Rumors Spread *through* Rain's goons.. -- should be removed or condensed. repeats previously stated parts of article - "Zombie was.." -- based on discord conversations -- "Zombie is a good person" bias -- section is almost entirely bias -- direct attack on myself for CivMC actions, written on TNSC page (civclassic) - TNSC Post-War -- there was never a war, section titled in bad faith -- First sentence written as though its the dramatic end to a story -- Implies feelings of TNSC (now Consortium) -- second paragraph needs to be rewritten to wiki standards, I wrote this but was unable to word correctly. -- third paragraph written with bias as well, while directly contradicting the first paragraph of the same article admitting that they broke the agreement that was had between Acadia and TNSC -- ignores multiple exchanges had on discord between TNSC and Acadia where TNSC refused to provide Acadia with the location of Rain's logbox, further disrupting the deal. -- Final sentence of article written as a conclusion to a story, rather than the end of a wiki article

July 2nd 2022 RainOfPain125

Members of Acadia giving poor treatment

I did not think it was necessary to include the treatment I've had at the hands of former Norlund members, if it is then I will make it part of the [[Paris Commune]'s page in-depth, while what exists now can be a brief summary. It is necessary to include that me and members of Acadia have history, because it explains why Acadia was always so imperialist, hostile, and aggressive unnecessarily.

JuniorTide's House Griefed

It is relevant to include because Acadia used this as one of its many excuses for the unjust raiding (or in Acadia's perspective "disabling") of TNSC's bunker. You can see it being used as an excuse in this link where it is described as

"RainOfPain had already been labelled as POS within Acadia for several months, this was because they were suspected of placing communist propaganda all over JuniorTide’s house. As a result, JuniorTide and myself decided to take a trip to TNSC"

Pentigrass Incident

This is relevent because again, Acadia tried to use this as an excuse for raiding ("disabling") TNSC's bunker in this link again.

"After the recent case in Icenia regarding an individual who claimed to have been encouraged to raid by RainOfPain125 [THIS INDIVIDUAL THEY ARE REFERRING TO IS PENTIGRASS], myself and JuniorTide were immediately suspicious that Hawkeye0066 had been sent by RainOfPain125 to wreak havoc within Acadia along side 2 other raiders all during the same day."

Hawkeye Incident

Okay, I see how it is written in first person (and thus appears to be more biased). Here is a rewrite.

"Hawkeye who was brand new to Civ also defied TNSC's warnings and decided to start raiding and stealing things in Acadia just like Pentigrass. He was soon caught, TNSC held him accountable for his bad behavior by having him return what he stole and turn himself in, which he did. This situation was almost immediately resolved, infact people in Acadia offered him a house and citizenship after it was resolved."

Battle Boxes

Look its a long page and I'm trying to make it a little funny. Do I know what I'm doing when I write these boxes? not quite. You gotta admit reinforced block 1, reinforced block 2, and so on was a good giggle. Otherwise, sure, I could make it less funny and remove the "loss of dignity" stuff. though I'd imagine it is the truth, folks like TTastic thinking they're some kind of angelic god who saves newfriends (as he did with us in CivRealms IWW) only to shit on a newfriend town, it sounds like a pretty bad hit to his reputation and standing among the community (along with his diginity). overall, sure, I can make the boxes not funny.

Acadia Raiding Newfriend Bunker

"Perfectly Fine"

This is to emphasize that there was absolutely no resistance to being asked to leave. In fact, if you watched the video, you would see that I was already leaving before Egi suggested that I leave. This is not bias, it merely reflects what happened. It displays my innocence and lack of being a threat - which again is not bias, it reflects what happened.

If I wanted to be a threat and break into some bunkers I would have came with enchanted armor and shit and tons of people but I certainly did not do that. In fact that detail should be included - that I was hardly equipped to break into any of your shit, highlighting how preposterous Acadia's claim to me breaking in truly was.


It seems like necessary information. If we knew whose alt it was, then we would certainly include that it "was an alt of [x]". Emphasizing that this user was a no-name raiding an obsidian bunker fully geared and stating the obvious that they were more-than-likely an alt, seems like the sensible thing to do. And by extension, maybe someone will recognize the name and expose their true identity. Or maybe they will get on the wiki and make their page and detail how they are not an alt.

In any case, I can remove the fact that they are an alt from the page, and simply move it to their userpage. In both instances, it doesn't really change the outcome - stating the obvious.

Horrible Truth

It indeed was a horrible truth to all the members of TNSC who were new to the server and had been playing for weeks. We were trying our best not to piss off Acadia and took Egi not killing me on the spot as a sign of goodwill and possibly the start of something new. We wanted to connect our rail system to yours, in fact. To wake up one day and discover that the people you've tried to appease and isolate from suddenly bust your door in and steal all of your shit is a horrible truth. I'm not sure what other way to put it in words.

"Toxic" actions

Most people can agree raiding newfriends is shitter behaviour. I was being very kind by calling it toxic actions instead of "never held accountable for their shittery". Just because I founded the town and wasn't a newfriend doesn't mean the town was nearly completely composed of newfriends. Hell, I still don't quite know the game, I've never pearled or sieged anyone - probably because I'm a good person.

But sure, I can remove "toxic" if that makes you feel less guilty for being associated with such people.

Shitters come to raid is a story

The first paragraph is relevant to the article because at that very moment we felt so betrayed and on our knees due to Acadia's imperialism, that we were considering giving up and leaving - which is where TNSC's story would have completely ended. However, the next sentence helps transition the reader into what happens next.

You can call it a story, but it makes reading the article much better to understand from the perspective of TNSC members. There is no other perspective to provide for anyone else, because Acadia had already raided and left and the shitters had not arrived yet when we were considering quitting.

Shitter Behaviour

Okay yeah I was not so friendly when talking about these people, because they were LITERALLY out to pearl us for no reason provided. They had no motive, they had no previous hostilities or conflicts, they simply showed up to shit on us. That is textbook shitter behavior, there is no excusing that, I don't know why you would try to excuse or defend that. Call it what it is.

They were literally breaking in, making a b-line for all of us. They were not there for loot, they were there to be malicious and force us all to stop playing the server despite having done nothing to them.

Rain's goons

I don't understand what part you are referring to.


Based on Discord Conversations

You are the one who added those Discord conversations to the page, not me. This is shown in your edit.

Good Person

I wrote too quickly, writing it as fact is sorta biased true. I will change it to "Zombie was generally well-regarded as a positive member of the Civ community." as per their wiki page says.


What is so biased about explaining how they didn't want to betray Acadia because of Acadia's destruction of TNSC? Whats biased about telling the truth that she quit playing because of getting wrapped up in your conflict? This needs to be elaborated upon.

Bloof stalking/harassing/threatening

That is true, it does not belong on this page. I should put it on your page as a "controversy" because threatening people at random is a very controversial move to make. Acadia's actions and the fallout following everything lead to Zombie going off the air for months, she couldn't be bothered to talk about anything or talk to me. And now that we've moved past everything you're coming out here trying to say she's a malicious traitor and that I'm gonna get hunted or what not. You irk me. Folks deserve to know that you threaten people.


"there was never a war"

You're right. It was just a special operation, a small intervention that lead to us losing all of our shit. It was a war, you just didn't call it that. We very much saw it as a war with one battle. Just because your war was so successful that you won with one battle doesn't mean it wasn't a war. Just because your warmongering was quick and effective doesn't mean it wasn't a war.

end of the story

As you can see in the rest of the page, it was pretty much the end of TNSC as it continued to slowly collapse and depreciate. There was nothing else left to write about TNSC except the name change and the final conflict we had before giving up.

Feelings of TNSC?

please elaborate

rewrie your stuff

sure that is very much a good idea. it should fit with the rhythm of the page.

Third paragraph

What about the third paragraph contradicts the first paragraph? What contract was broken?

ignores acadia-consortium discussions

Well for one you are the one saying that we can not include discord screenshots. And two, as said in the page, they never knew where I logged off. They did not "refuse" to provide coords, they could not provide coords. I logged off almost 2,000 blocks away from the bunker lmao I was WAY out of the danger zone.


please elaborate I don understand at all