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Capital cityPort Odos
• Administrator
Foundation date25 July 2023
Motto"suspend fun"

Portobello is a nation on CivMC located in the -,+. Named after the common name for Agaricus bisporus, a brown edible mushroom, Portobello consists of two Mushroom Islands. The nation serves mostly as an |Icenian colony, enabled by Portobello's autocratic style of governance and heavy reliance on automation. Its economy is entirely export oriented, with a strong focus on Mushroom production.


After the Butternut-SEC War, Icenia lost its only Mushroom island to Lambeau. This presented a serious problem for Icenia's Exp production, which relies on Brown Mushrooms. Looking for a peaceful place outside the bustling Icenia City, Gjum turned to a recently unclaimed territory of the now defunct Arsenio Pact. With a preexisting Mushroom farm and its close proximity to Icarus, an important Icenian ally who would later join Icenia as a state, the two Mushroom islands presented an ideal location to rebuild the Icenian Mushroom production. Due to the still war-shaken international political climate, with several long firmly owned Icenian territories changing hands to Butternut's accomplices, the decision was made to establish the territory not as Icenian, but as a separate entity.


Portobello is part of the largest cluster of Mushroom biomes in the -,+ quadrant. The two islands are nestled between the large Mushroom peninsula under Mercutian control to the southeast, and the Karydian Sea to the northwest.

In the northeast, Odos, the bigger of the two islands, has been transformed entirely into a Mushroom farm complex during the early months of CivMC. In stark contrast, the southwestern Nascor, the smaller of the islands, has been left mostly untouched from human activity and retains its natural vegetal cover.