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A list of videos related to civ servers, ordered by date of publication.

Published Title Creator Server Genre Notes
2 January 2012 Meinkraftyserver a quick guide to plugins ttk2 AncapMinecraft Mechanics Video explaining the plugins AncapMinecraft used at the time
21 December 2012 Slaying AnCaps with Russian_Roulette ApacheBlitz CivCraft 1.0 PvP
9 September 2016 Frenchfrys: From the frying pan and into the flames Amelorate Devoted 2.0 Artistic Brief encounter during one of the many battles of the Pirate War. Release was delayed to after EOTW because of private waypoints
11 July 2017 Visit Sunny Rio de Janeiro Amelorate CivClassic PvP Flythrough of Rio de Janeiro in the United States of America
24 July 2017 They lost to Yoahtl Charlieseeese CivClassic Artistic Meme about the Vzis War
30 July 2017 if titan was a netflix original WIP 5 RektTangle CivCraft 2.0 Artistic Animated cinematic about the Titan War
3 August 2017 Footage from last night's raid on Commonwealth Amelorate CivCraft 2.0 Artistic ReplayMod timelapse of one of Amelorate's many workbench raids. Features him getting pearled in Westminster
24 August 2017 Workbench Theft: Lexington 3 (Cleaning Up Scraps) Amelorate CivCraft 2.0 Artistic ReplayMod timelapse of one of Amelorate's many workbench raids. Alludes to more videos in the description, but no more were released
11 November 2017 The Somber War RektTangle CivClassic Artistic Animated cinematic about the Somber War
18 April 2018 Flower Cops | CivClassics Jumpysnake[who?] CivClassic Artistic
7 July 2018 The Varkonia Conspiracy Varkanos Civcraft 2.0, CivClassic Artistic Humorous retelling of the HCF Invasion
15 June 2019 RailSwitch 1.1 Demo Okx CivClassic Mechanics Demonstration of the RailSwitch plugin
3 July 2019 INCAN MORNING BROADCAST Farifafa CivRealms 2.0 Artistic Dramatic broadcast by the Ican Empire in a time of crisis
18 July 2019 ⚠️⚠️⚠️ ATTENTION ALL CIVCLASSIC MINEMEN ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Camokool CivClassic Artistic Meme about the Infinity War
19 July 2019 Be Varkonia's Guest Varkanos CivClassic Artistic Meme of Ev0cator's pearling by Varkonia.
3 February 2020 Zrain the Wise Gregy165 CivClassic PvP Artistic PvP video about the fall of the Pinkerton Vault
12 February 2020 The Union of the Two Vaults Shadedoom CivClassic Artistic Lord of the Rings meme about the Infinity War
22 December 2020 one break dro Amelorate CivClassic Mechanics Demonstration of what happens when Civclassic's citadel decay config runs for a few years, plus some historical insight
8 January 2021 South Augustan Dream Squareblob CivClassic Artistic
15 February 2021 History of Yamato - Part 1 - The Dawn of a Nation Jamesie_S CivRealms 2.0 Documentary Documentary about Yamato
1 March 2021 parkour2.mkv Amelorate CivClassic Parkour Unused proposal for the parkour event of the 2021 Fifth Olympics in Icenia
23 March 2021 Trolling ObtainableSpat until I get Permapearled for the Second Time Part 33 Amelorate CivClassic Artistic Amelorate framing himself for stealing a workbench in Imperial Truidence. Video was left unlisted until CivClassic EOTW
30 April 2021 CivClassic - Choose Your Path Varkanos CivClassic Advertisement
12 June 2021 Planet Civ: Imperial Truidence CivClassic Documentary Documentary about the Lacanian situation in Imperial Truidence
14 June 2021 Knot And Nexus Interchange: How to build a switch/station Amelorate CivClassic Mechanics Tutorial about how to build a Compliant Switch and/or Station for the KANI
24 June 2021 I built an EMPIRE on Minecraft's LARGEST Worldbuilding server Dilluexe CivClassic Documentary Artistic video about Wolken and the mechanics of civ servers
22 July 2021 A U G U S T A 山八月 Ubo[who?] CivClassic Artistic A stylish monorail ride across the abandoned city of Mount Augusta scored to vaporwave music
23 July 2021 CivClassics TikTok Lodish CivClassic Artistic Edit of Dilluexe's Wolken video
19 August 2021 The History of Minecraft's Longest War Dilluexe CivClassic Documentary Documentary on the Infinity War
17 September 2021 [CivClassic] TROUBLE DOWN SOUTH (2.3) Smal CivClassic PvP C4Mmo being pearled while raiding a skeleton grinder in the CSA
10 October 2021 Civclassic Olympics 2 | Tuesday | Spleef Ubie[who?] CivClassic Sports
11 October 2021 [CivClassic] Mir NATO War Anime Intro Kaloa HG CivClassic Artistic Neon Genesis Evangelion opening edit of the Infinity War
14 January 2022 [CivClassic] Pearling TheOrangeWizard Smal CivClassic PvP CCCP Invasion of South Augusta during CivClassic's EOTW
7 April 2022 Civ+Sanctuaries Amelorate Civ+ Test Server Mechanics Demonstration of Sanctuary (Civ+)
28 June 2022 CivMC | Found Nations, Build Legacies, Embrace Autism™ | Minecraft© for Worldbuilders RektTangle CivMC Advertisement