Fifth Olympics

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Fifth Olympics
Announcement Poster[1]
Host Nation Icenia
Events12 (1 canceled[2])
OpeningJune 4th, 2021
ClosingJune 6th, 2021
Medals37 Medals:
  • 12 Gold
  • 12 Silver
  • 13 Bronze
PreviousFourth Olympics
NextSixth Olympics

The Fifth Olympics were held in Icenia, from Friday, 4th June 2021 through to Sunday 6th[3].


The Firth Olympics were originally scheduled to occur in Columbia in late 2019. However, shortly after being announced Columbia entered into a brief civil war and shortly after that, re-entered the Infinity War on the side of the UDF/Coalition opening up the Columbian Front in the process. During this time Rotterdam, Columbia's capitol city, was water bombed by NATO forces and the groups to most of the builds there were stolen. As a result, the Olympics were cancelled.

Icenia's Olympics would be the first Olympics on the server since the events of the Infinity War and were solely put together by Icenia as an effort to return the server to normalcy after the world wide destruction caused by the years long war.


Medal Player Nation
Boat Race
Gold Okx  Yoahtl
Silver K0mmi  Columbia
Bronze dustyrayton2  Kallos
Mini Golf
Gold Lanni  Confederation of Socialist Augusta
Silver Troll_Bebek  Camiseo
Bronze august27  Icenia
Gold Okx  Yoahtl
Silver smal  Confederation of Socialist Augusta
Bronze Troll_Bebek  Camiseo
Musical Chairs
Gold Squi8 the streets
Silver ChickenWingGeek  Kallos
Bronze august27  Icenia
1v1 PvP
Gold Jayms  Hjaltland
Silver JuniorTide  Icenia
Bronze Thots_Librarian  Hjaltland
3v3 PvP
Gold  Hjaltland
Silver  Kallos
Bronze  Icenia
Gold august27  Icenia
Silver ChocChips  Confederation of Socialist Augusta
Bronze Lodish  The Commonwealth
Gold FalscherRVN  Confederation of Socialist Augusta
Silver dustyrayton2  Kallos
Bronze K0mmi  Columbia
Gold august27  Icenia
Silver Lanni  Confederation of Socialist Augusta
Bronze RedDevel  Mount September
Gold august27  Icenia
Silver GenericLaqey  Imperial Truidence
Bronze hockey328  Caledonia
Bronze Okx  Yoahtl
Boat Battle "Free-For All"
Gold ChickenWingGeek  Kallos
Silver Charlieseeese  Icenia
Bronze dustyrayton2  Kallos
Boat Battle "Circle of Death"
Gold SwiftFizz Varkonia Vault
Silver smal  Confederation of Socialist Augusta
Bronze Squi8 the streets


Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
 Caledonia 0 0 1 1
 Camiseo 0 1 1 2
 Columbia 0 1 1 2
 Confederation of Socialist Augusta 2 4 0 6
 Hjaltland 2 0 1 3
 Icenia 3 2 3 8
 Imperial Truidence 0 1 0 1
 Kallos 1 3 2 6
 Mount September 0 0 1 1
 The Commonwealth 0 0 1 1
the streets 1 0 1 2
Varkonia Vault 1 0 0 1
 Yoahtl 2 0 1 3
Totals 12 12 13 37