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Sanctuary is a plugin on Civ+ which allows for the protection of small areas of the map against grief.


A sanctuary is a block that projects a large field over a vault, city, or some other structure. When you enter or leave the field, the name of the sanctuary is displayed your screen. The owner of a sanctuary can expand its field by adding exp to the central beacon block. A sanctuary protects against reinforcing blocks and placing water/lava buckets. Additionally, hostile mobs can't spawn within a sanctuary. Sanctuaries also reinforce man-made blocks for 20 breaks, and if a player logs out within a friendly sanctuary they will not leave a combat logger.


The recipe used to craft a Bastion
An illustration of the blocks that are protected by a Bastion, and those that are left unprotected

First introduced by CivCraft, bastions protect a small area around themselves.

A bastion can be crafted using a Clownfish, Emeralds, and a Zombie Spawn Egg. Once crafted, the block can be placed and reinforced using Citadel. Friendly players are defined by having the BASTION_PLACE Namelayer permission, while hostile players lack the permission. A bastion covers a circular area with a 21 block diameter. Vertically, a bastion protects every block that is above the bastion block or level with it. Blocks under the bastion are left unprotected.

Inside a Bastion, hostile players are prevented from placing any blocks. In order to break the bastion, the attacker must either place blocks repeatedly until the reinforcement breaks, or they can dig to the bastion and break the block. Additionally, if an Ender Pearl lands within a bastion and the player who threw it doesn't have permission, the pearl won't teleport the player. Bastions also prevent pistons from moving blocks if a friendly player isn't nearby, and it will also prevent hostile horses from jumping within their area.


  • In the code, Sanctuary is referred to as BassChin.