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Personal Info
Current Citizenships Icenia
Known ForRecruiter and builder
Main ResidenceIcenia (GOR Hotel, Prioma House)
Past Citizenships
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 2.0
Iterations played on

Charlieseeese is a former Icenian/Yoahtlan citizen who served as Icenia's longterm Minister of Interior. He was instrumental in overseeing the construction of the Grand GOR Hotel in Icenia, as well as other GOR related projects.


Charlieseeese was an important fighter during the Vzis War. After Yoahtl had lost their home city of Axochitlan in the first Laconian war they would move to the island where New Yoahtl City would eventually be built, unbeknownst to Charlieseeese and the rest of Yoahtl the nation of the Vzis Empire considered the land theirs but had not made any public claims to the land, nor signs or other indications on the land. Charlieseeese was worried if Yoahtl had to move again their community might disintegrate, so Yoahtl decided to fight even though at the time they had no pots, armor or infrastructure.[1] Charlieseeese dug an emergency escape tunnel to caverns to the east as the Vzis fighters closed in to the Yoahtlan citadel, with several from Yoahtl being pearled that night. Charliseeese and SpaceVolcano worked to build a vault spike in the caverns so that if Yoahtl were able to counterattack they would have a place to keep the pearls. During the war bewsiej's raider crew decided to help and together with Yoahtl the Vzis factory bunker was destroyed leading to Vzis's surrender, this led to Charlieseeese's popular youtube video "They lost to Yoahtl".[1]