United States of America

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United States of America
Flag of the USA
Location1800, -6400
Activity levelDefunct
Capital cityWashinton, D.C
  • Rio de Janerio
  • Louisiana
  • Poortea's Vault
TerritoriesNortheastern claims
  • Site of Poortea's vault, never finished
GovernmentDemocratic Military Dictatorship
• Leader
Foundation dateServer Start
Succeeded byColumbia

Not to be confused with: Union of Socialist Augusta

The United States of America (USA) also known as America or the United States was a Military Dictatorship on CivClassic run by Poortea, Bewsiej and ParkerTehPwner, after Bewsiej's banning he was replaced by DJmeffy. It was located in in the +,-, with two claims separated by thousands of blocks of unclaimed wilderness, sharing no borders with any other nation.


Early weeks

The USA was first settled by Bewsiej Jefferson, Parker Penn and Poortea Rolfe on the first day of the server. They occupied a mineshaft cave system and created their storage rooms and factories within. They quickly rose become an early game great power, securing mass wealth through mandatory mining from each citizen until 32 diamond blocks were obtained each night.

The USA was the first to announce a mega vault on the subreddit, and they quickly made a five ring, fully bastioned vault six weeks into the server, with every part of the vault hand dug and farmed. Their bots specialist, Amelorate, did not bring any useful bots to the nation.

Initial States:

  • Washington, DC
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Nevada (not to be confused with the country, Nevada)

Expansion Age

During this time the USA set out to explore and colonize more land, in doing so the created states of Michigan, Albania and Louisiana, as well as annexing Leafland.

Annexation of LeafLand

The USA started to have diplomatic relations with their neighbors to the south, Leafland. There was an incident where Leafland tried to inside the USA and gain access to its government and resources, by using the account named ILikeTraps. ILikeTraps was pearled upon entering the land as he was thought to be an alt account of EvilLoker. Upon getting ILikeTraps into a voice call on discord, he was found to be a Leaflander trying to inside, as he forgot to dissociatel his twitch with his discord, allowing the USA to see he was really called PowKitty. Upon seeing this, he was released and diplomatic relations with Leafland officially began. After talking with Powkitty and Sausiiji for some time, the USA and LeafLand decided to create a pact, which absorbed and annexed all lands of LeafLand, which was referred to as Canada, into the United States. A treaty was signed by Poortea and Powkitty making it official.[1]

EvilLoker Incident

The earliest incident of internal conflict begin after EvilLoker took several god tools and armor, and died on a water drop inside our bunker due to a glitch. When he asked someone to pick up his stuff because he random spawned, all the valuables were found in his old inventory and returned to the storage room. EvilLoker was removed from valuable groups, so he and Mudkipguy left the nation and started gearing up to fight the USA. Evilloker was found within our claims, so Ez2Clutch and Bewsiej attacked him, although Evilloker used his hacked client to fight and escape. He was later banned for one week for using his hacked client.

Video of the Incident

Attempted Coup by EZ2Crew

While Devoted was still concurrently running, Bewsiej was fighting Ez2crew on the server. This upset the Ez2Crew, so when bewsiej swapped accounts, they pearled his combat logger. The server should have kicked bewsiej's new account, but it messed up and didn't. Bewsiej had no way of knowing he was pearled and not meant to be online, so he engaged Ez2Clutch and Ez2Kill. Parker logged on soon after and pearled Ez2Clutch. Ez2Kill had jumped off the skybunker on his own and died, which released Bewsiej's main pearl. Due to the circumstances of the pearling, Ez2clutch's pearl was freed by TealNerd, and as the plugin had failed, Bewsiej's pearl did not.

Poortea break and active player decline

Poortea took a 3 month break from the server when he moved house and his PC was lost in transit, resulting in a lack of leadership and eventual migration of USA citizens towards Lexington. The USA's player base quickly dwindled from 10 active players each day to none. When Poortea returned to the server, the beginning of the Somber War was well underway and almost all of the USA's citizens had either immigrated to Lexington, been pearled or become inactive.

Diamond Duping

ParketTehPwner and Bewsiej duped an unknown amount of diamonds, bastions, and iron. As well as other materials such as potion materials, god armor and tools, and obsidian. Bewsiej and Parker were duping for 3 weeks straight before they told Poortea about it, the duping lasted for a few more days before Sintralin discovered it independently and reported it, having it patched the same day. The diamonds were laundered through shopping in the [Commonwealth] and [Mount Augusta] to help hide the fact that the group had amassed more wealth than could every be obtained legitimately.

The duped materials were used to fund the USA vault one, USA vault 2 and Lexington without the knowledge of Sintralin, as Bewsiej played it off as stealing from the USA.

The materials were raided by Mir and the WA as a whole when US vault 2 fell to them after Poortea's banning. The duped materials are still in their possession/infrastructure to this day.

Global Conflicts

Commonwealth Vault attack

Early on in the server when the vault was 4 rings big, The Commonwealth launched a small short lived vault attack on the USA. The vault was defended by Bewsiej and ParkerTehPwner and the situation was solved diplomatically.

The Somber War

The USA played as a nation played a moderate role in the Somber War, as they funded Lexington with 2 stacks of bastions and 10 stacks of Iron blocks. Bewsiej insided the USA to an extent in taking their drop chested wealth and carting it to the Lexington vault. For the most part through diplomacy and general confusion, the USA managed to avoid any attacks from any nation for its role in the Somber War.

Bewsiej played a major role in the Somber war, as he was a lead pvper for Lexington and had vault access. He committed many assaults on behalf of Lexington and for a time stored the pearl of Peter5690 inside the USA vault for Lexington. Poortea released him shortly after among worries of being attacked.

Collapse & Downfall


The start of the downfall of the USA started after poortea lost his PC while moving house. The population dwindled and a large amount of the players left the server, notably; ParkertehPwner, Camwen, Kayla, Lucy, Sausiejii and Powkitty.

Losing members to Lexington

Many members went and fought for Lexington during the war and poortea's concurrent leave. These include; Ez2Clutch, EZ2Kill and Bewsiej.


Bewsiej was banned for "General Toxicity", which included the general bullying of callum and his determination in bringing the known child molester and pedophile Talydaria to justice. Do not go after pedophiles with admin influence.

Poortea was banned when a fabricated or heavily edited HTML document was released among the Reiko Trap Harem situation. The document was leaked to show Reiko_Mikami's activity and communications about his Trap hunting. Reiko was a notorious member of the Civcraft community in the past. Among the leaked documents there was a leaked Big Dog group chat from discord, with doxxes and edited names, which framed poortea for the release of members of the communities personal information including emails, names and nude images. Poortea argued this was debated but the server administration does not know that HTML is easily manipulated with find-replace. The real doxxer, Rene remained unbanned for 6 months afterwards without ever facing justice for this. The new USA vault was raided right after by some of the victims of Rene's doxxes as they wrongfully seeked justice from poortea. The vault was broken into from the west and the vault popped. Poortea remains banned to this day.


Some members of the USA were pearled, most notably Saren_Solaris for his role in SouthShire. Saren was insiding southshire in hopes to gain power and influence over the city and make them more friendly towards Lexington in hopes of one day installing an offensive bunker within the towns borders. This joint Lexington-USA operation came to a halt when Saren was pearled due to poortea leaking information of the plan, after Sintralin had threatened to pop USA bastions over Powkitty getting involved in the First Yotahl-Laconia War as the USA was allied with Yoatal. Powkitty supposedly broke Laconian bastions and raided chests.[2]

Video os Saren_Solaris being pearled


The second claims

The USA claimed the north east world border to create a new vault, designed and mostly dug by djmeffy. It had four rings and 16 layers thick. It held pearls of petty raiders. The vault was never completed, as it lacked the 3 intended sky bunkers and 4 additional rings.

The vault was dug 75% of the way by DJmeffy on an alt account before he was pearled while defending Anguish. The remained of the vault was dug by Poortea and newfriends, most of which were recruited through chan boards, such as /pol/ and /r9k/; some of those newfriends were WarriorHeart and Weepypeach.[3]

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro was a anarchy city founded by Amelorate. There were no build rules, other than that one cannot block the entrance to someone else's home. This lead to a chaotic favella arising from the sandy shores and quickly making its mark on the USA map.

Politics and Government



The USA was and still is to an extent connect by rail to Lexington City, dug by Poortea and Seared in an effort to strengthen and better connect the two nations.

The USA hosted every factory aside from the bastion factory which they helped fund Lexington's in exchange for its use. Through this factory they had up to 20 runs on the bastion factory and funded two extra rings for Lexington's vault.


stuff about our fat diamond stacks, loss of valsin bewsiejs banning



Diplomatic Relations


The USA and Lexington quickly had good relations through Bewsiej's connection with both countries. ParkerTehPwner was the lead diplomat to Lexington, using his guitar skills and smooth voice to woo Lexington's leader, Sintralin. Parker's efforts secured both parties with a mutual defense pact as well as Lexington's help with greifers and raiders.

The USA on numerous occasions helped Lexington with raiders and foreign missions, notably Bewsiej's role in the Somber war.


The USA and Columbia had good relations due to Poorteas friendship with then citizen/leader WormWizard. These relations strengthened when poortea and weepypeach together pearled Onederful as he jumped into the USA vault.

Video of Onderful dying.