Myra (Civcraft 1.0)

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Myran Republic
Isometric view of Myra
Location0, 2000
Activity level~50 at one point
Capital cityThe City of Myra
GovernmentIndependent city-state
Foundation date16th of February, 2013



Myra was an independent city and the capital of the prospective Myran Republic on Civcraft 1.0. A capitalist city with a proposed power structure based off plutocratic ideals, the people and government of Myra promoted individual liberties and the opportunities to generate personal wealth.

Located near the center of the map, Myra was built to be an organized city that could act as a hub for commerce and transit. Myra underwent consistent expansion and population growth.

Within a few weeks of it's establishment, the owners of Mittevaden, located 600m east; and Belwyn, 300m north, handed over control of their property to Myra, establishing them as districts and the first new areas of the Myran Republic.

Myra scores a 66 on the City Activity Index (CAI), which made it the 10th most active city on the server as of April 18th, 2013.


Following the release of the world border vault, which, for all intents and purposes, heralded the end of the HCF conflict, former citizens from a range of groups and cities, including Danzilona and Mt. Augusta, began planning to found a new city, following the large scale griefing of the aforementioned cities. Myra was the result of this planning.

With the first bricks laid around early March, Myra was soon blooming. The initial housing ring, composed of large plots, was soon filled by a combination of war veterans, businessmen and wealthy friends. Due to the preexisting material wealth possessed by several of the citizens, plus a large investment of funds from the Trading Company, construction was undertaken in a timely and properly taken manner.

Whilst remaining prosperous, with an attractive outlook for the future, Myra has not been without its problems. The target of minor HCF raids due to the presence of several anti-HCF combatants residing in the city caused it to be a slight target; the portal was, at one stage, DRO griefed. Despite this, the city is generally regarded as safe and increasingly secure, with a strong military presence remaining vigilant.

Landmarks and Surroundings

Myra contains a number of architecturally interesting houses designed by its residents. No strict building codes are in place (a 'common sense' system, asking for no cobble and dirt boxes) and, as a result, residents are encouraged to express their creativity and create attractive houses. Large sized plots line the central portal, allowing for sizeable houses. However, a height limit has ensured that Myra is not a city of towers.

With some of the key residents unable to find time to devote to the architectural design of the citys key infrastructure, a competition with lucrative prizes was funded by city founder Mattamattress to bring together the best architects from across Civcraft. With Myra's ruling class judging the competition, the winners of the top prizes were informed in mid-April.

Landmarks within the city include:


Myra promotes a free market capitalist economy, with equal economic opportunities given to both residents and outsiders. The newly constructed market stalls (final design pending) offer centrally located shopping opportunities at 2 iron per shop chest (one off payment).

Notable Residents