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(She/Her) (They/Them)
Hero of the Fempire Union
Location5800, -6500
MottoIt's good to do!

NoOneTruePunk (NoTruePunk / Punk) was a civ player which started on CivMC, having joined the Fempire Union at SOTW. This was Punk's first Civcraft server, an experience she became greatly invested in, as she became a core part of the CivMC community. She was known for her militant veganism, her generosity towards new friends, her many redstone creations, and her willingness to push the boundaries of Civcraft. On March 23rd 2023, The Fempire Union announced her passing to the community. Despite Punk's vocal and at times controversial opinions, she was loved and cherished by the CivMC community, and her loss is still felt today by those who came to know her.


Punk joined the Fempire Union on May 26th as a new recruit. She had many years of Minecraft experience, having been apart of many redstone communities, and she helped transition the Fempire members from 1.12 to 1.18 era gameplay. Punk quickly set herself as a key pillar of the community by creating a massive redstone pumpkin farm affectionally dubbed the "Pumpkin Vault." The Fempire quickly became a mass exporter of pumpkins and spruce saplings to many countries such as Titan Industries, Yoahtl, and Estalia.

During the Bergburg-Fempire war, Punk was key in clearing misconceptions and revealing the truth behind Bergburg's deception, eventually mounting enough pressure for KOEL to abandon their attack. During the era of peace before the Generic War, Punk lead the Fempire members in creating the "Melon Vault", a massive melon farm in the heart of FE Flags territory. Thanks to her efforts the Fempire was finally able to create Advanced Experience, something that the small nation couldn't do without outside assistance. Punk, despite being warned NOT to log in, was pearled during the Rhode Island attack on the Fempire bunker. Thanks to the efforts of Cascadian GrumpyWalnut and fellow Fempire Loveyoucuzdrunk, her pearl was freed before it could be transported out of Fempire territory. After the banning of RI and the end of the war, Punk took up refuge in Yoahtl as she lead the cleanup of the obby bombing of the Fempire and nearly single handedly cleared the Harvest portal of grief.

Punk undertook the monumental task of connecting the Fempire to the rest of the world. To this end, SocialistSpectre created the rail lines between the Impendian nations while she dug a great diagonal tunnel from the Fempire to the heart of Estalia. Punk took some time after this tremendous mission to further improve her redstone creations, designing a massive obsidian / mob farm machine off the Fempire's coast. The entire country's economy relied upon Punk's designs; she had become an irreplaceable part of the Fempire and was appointed to governance among the Central Committee.

Now an official of the Fempire, Punk set her sights upon vault science, founding "SkyPunker Productions." Working with members of Gang Shi and their leader Gwua, she rapidly expanded her understanding of bastion and vault defense. In between aiding in Gang Shi construction and her own designs, she stole the Gang Shi "justice system", which she promptly drop chested - somewhere lost to time. After finalizing her design, the Fempire constructed it's first sky bunker, high above the mountains of it's capitol. Her long arduous task completed, Punk set her sights to CivReign, happy to start again with her comrades Jindosh and Lowtierloot in the nation of Mount Ida.


Punk's start in CivReign was a rough one, with Mount Ida being raided very early in it's creation. Due to the server's config, reinforcements were very weak and defending resources was extremely difficult. Punk attempted to solve this with a massive chest vault and an auto stone farm, both which helped raise her standing within Ida. Despite friction with Ida's Yoahtl members, she worked long hours grinding for the country, creating and harvesting massive wheat farms while also mining through their Aquanether for steel upgrades. Punk was pivotal in the country's operations, and without her, Ida fell into inactivity along with the rest of the server.

Memorial of NoTruePunk