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Argos was a group of mostly Spanish players known for their PvP skills. Members include JustLiunet, Monipo82, Nekuness, and EnriquePen.


Argos had a presence on several servers and iterations, including Devoted, Civcraft 3.0, and CivClassic.


Argos began on day one of Devoted 1.0 as a mountainside fort. They built a small vault and pearled everyone who attacked them. When the ice island portal was discovered, they moved there and built a city as a gate around the portal. They charged a 64 iron tax on Spawn Islanders to go through the portal, through which passage was in demand because the Ice Island had the only diamond ore on the server. Eventually Argos collapsed due to betrayal and lack of interest.

Civcraft 3.0

Map of Abydos with Argos claims in the east.

During Civcraft 3.0, Argos was located in eastern Abydos.[1]


When CivClassic launched, some Argos people joined up with others to found Impasse. In the northern mountains, a castle was built with a large underground complex. Argos became a district with a certain degree of autonomy from the Impasse government.