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The Histories and origins of Yoahtl lies shrouded mostly in myth, legend, and non-living memory. While Quauhtli_Mia is able to give accounts based on his lengthy time in Yoahtl; much of it's history is still shrouded in relative mystery. Yoahtl's history is split into Eras and Ages; typically divided by server moves or resets, but also by very notable changes in it's community. Alongside these eras notable groups and peoples who join the community are noted as either contributing to the development and evolution of Yoahtl as well as directly integrating into the wider community like the Channers of Chanada and /pol/ynesia in Civcraft 2.0 or the Melonians of Meloncraft. Yoahtl's history is that of a kind of learning, evolution, and growth of the individual that leads to the development of the community as a whole. As it's history unfolds before it so does its triumphs and dramas; it's internal struggles and it's unruly invaders. New trends come with new people and ideas; as it's community constantly ebbs and flows with it's growth and decline over the years. Regardless of this; Yoahtl continues nonetheless as certain truths and ideals of Yoahtl and the Huehuetlic are rigorously protected to keep Yoahtl's identity and keep it's history and evolution intact for others to work upon. As such Yoahtl's history continues to grow as it get's older and the page grows in tandem.

However, the story of Yoahtl's origin's itself is so old that; while regarded as truth, it's also generally seen as myth or legend as none from it's supposed origin times still plays. The only account of these times comes from the second Chieftain of Yoahtl: Wichita. Passed down verbally between him to Quauhtli in the Shaman's Age and passed down all the way until now. It is what we have:

Age of Origins

A drawing made to depict cave systems that were typical of Minecraft in the days it was drawn. Drawn during the Shaman's Age

The legend begins years ago on a server by the name of “Xephos”; or at least this is the name that passes on. On this server, many people played and enjoyed their time for the most part. Though It is chronicled as a jumbled mess of individuals, it came to form various groups. These groups then further combined into 'Tribes' or clans and in time the first 'Kingdoms' came to be; usually about the size of seven to ten individuals.  And while Minecraft was still relatively new the server had many traits at the time that were considered unique; such as large bodies of water and mountains. Continents were commonplace in Xephos, and it is in these continents that these new kingdoms and tribes continued to form. Eventually the server would garner more than 200-300 people. No rules were given to the people besides those held by the inhabitants themselves as there was only one admin and one owner, whom’s names have been lost to time. For many, they were considered people of great importance, as it is said these staff would, on rare occasions; give items and bounties to those they favored. Some would go as far as to “worship” in the form of large structures and monuments to the staff and often offered service or deeds for items in return.

War was not very prevalent in this server, only raids and attacks of various sizes would take place. Over time, some kingdoms and groups would unite to form new ones or be destroyed completely. Some kingdoms would revert back to a gang-like status. The kingdoms that remained led to the first 'Nations' of Xephos.” Among these nations were two in particular. Wayon-Dot; thought to have been named after a native american tribe, who spoke mainly English, and Texacoco, a spanish speaking people with roots in rural Mexico. These two nations were neighbors on a very large island and were far from friendly. They often attacked each other out of spite or simple boredom, destroying the settlements and bases of one other. And because of the fighting, the people often lacked good equipment such as diamond tools.

However; in time an individual by the name of Eoahtl would rise up through ranks in the nation of Texacoco and he soon gained enough favor from enough people in his nation to be perceived as a singular ruler which was rarely seen in Xephos. With this power, Eoahtl led his people to destroy gangs of raiders who set up on smaller islands surrounding their own. Using his influence, he named their island of residence 'Huron'. The reason was clear as he sought to unite Texacoco and Wayon-Dot. Eoahtl sought to unite the two nations so that larger structures could be built without fear of sabotage and so that less people would be driven away due to conflict. He went to Wayon-Dot in search of a man to unite his own nation so that they may work together to bring the nations together. Eventually he found a player by the name of Wichita. Wichita rose to a position of prominence within Wayon-Dot, albeit not as successfully. With some people in Wayon-Dot being very aggressive towards Wichita's intents. These two players met with a united 'Huron Army' with players from all over the island of Huron. Not long after this, Eoahtl and Wichita gathered assistance from people within their nations to help create a lawful and final union between the two nations and soon the two announced the new 'Wayon-Dot Empire'. However, small pockets of both Texacoco and Wayon-Dot were outraged with the idea of the empire being named after one nation and uniting with sworn enemies. For some time, Eoahtl and Wichita had to deal with these 'Rebels' trying to get them to tire out or leave the server completely. Eventually a real united continent was created and there was peace in Huron.

Buildings made of cobblestone and oak grew high and large as new towns and cities spread across Huron. The Wayon-Dot Empire was the first on Xephos to create a city with an active and truly united population. This new city was named Texacoco since the empire had been named after the Wayon-Dot. Spanish and English speakers were spread out across the island and all was well without prejudice or hate. Eoahtl and Wichita ruled over Wayon-Dot together and eventually the Island of Huron was perceived by many in Xephos as a land of unity, peace, and order. Many journeyed to Huron in search of friendship and community and the beginnings of a culture formed around it. Eventually Wayon-Dot and Texacoco were indistinguishable and a new culture arose. 'Huehuetlico; The Old Ones'. Eoahtl and Wichita were neither too cruel nor too soft and Wayon-Dot enjoyed peace for a very long time.

In other parts of the server, people in awe of the new Wayon-Dot sought to create empires of their own. A Japanese-inspired empire formed the northern islands, Roman and Spanish/Portuguese to the east. A Lord of the Rings empire almost formed in the west but was consumed by the tribal ways. In the east, The Empire of Tordesillias was an empire created by hard minds with hard intentions. Their ambition was only matched by their ferocity and greed. They sought to conquer entire kingdoms and sections of continents rather than trying to unite them. Despite this, the people of Wayon-Dot sat careless and happy on their island, feeling safe under Eoahtl and Wichita.

A drawing made at the end of the second era of Melonia and at the dawn of the third made to depict the end of a server or the reset of a world.

“Soon the Torde would consume the entirety of their continent with fire and diamond. They would then look to the west and see an opportunity for 'Fun' and they would invade the island of Huron. The invasion itself was so well-planned and quick that the people were not able to form a proper army or counter-attack. The cities of Wayon-Dot were laid to waste by the Torde invaders. Wayon-Dot was no more. Tordesillias continued to expand across the map to the point that they ruled it all. Despite this, Eoahtl, Wichita, and a war party of eight men managed to hide and plan. They had avoided being killed during the invasion and sought vengeance against the Torde. Sadly they were under equipped and demoralized by the shock of the attack.

Eoahtl and Wichita contacted the other leaders of the people of Xephos that hadn't been driven out already. Together they sought a revolution. They learned quickly from the Torde and made plans. They spread materials across the map for this revolution which Eoahtl had named 'Yoahtl'. All at once in a single chat message he signaled a massive attack on every known Torde-alligned player. All ways of regaining equipment were destroyed and the Torde were killed over and over in the server's spawn point. Tordesillias was overrun and defeated in a single long day of combat. As the Yoahtl revolutionaries killed the Torde people over and over, they and Wichita proclaimed the planner of the revolution to be their leader. Eoahtl, The First Chieftain of Yoahtl.

At the sight of all the fighting, the admin and owner were deeply upset. The server was in ruin. The staff reflected and decided that it was time for Xephos to end. Many players began to leave the server but those most loyal to Eoahtl and his new Yoahtl stayed until the very end. He knew the server was coming to an end but it didn't have to be the end for Yoahtl. Eoahtl decided he would also leave; however, before he left, he gave leadership to his most trusted friend, Wichita. He told Wichita to make sure Yoahtl kept going and not to give in or give up and make sure Yoahtl was something of meaning. And so Wichita accepted the burden of being the new chieftain of Yoahtl and led the people of Yoahtl to a new server and settled. This ended the first, turbulent age of the Yoahtlan.

The Shaman's Age

After Xephos, Wichita would find a server for him and Yoahtl to use. Wichita was a gentle soul and never cared much for expansion or how many members there were. All he cared about was giving meaning to Yoahtl. In Xephos, Wichita was known as a spiritualist and he continued his way of playing into the new servers. Wichita is responsible for Yoahtl's reputation as a spiritual community. Wichita loved all things spiritual and 'new agey' and had an air of wisdom about him. Some thought of him as much older than the rest due to this perception. He'd been there for those who were down and always gave advice for those who needed it and in the future Wichita would come to be known as the Shaman Chieftain of Yoahtl.

Wichita would lead his small group of Yoahtlan across these small servers, changing as each server died. But after each passing server, Yoahtl grew smaller and smaller. These were the nomadic times of Yoahtl and throughout their travels, Wichita imbued his spiritualism upon the people and being of Yoahtl. Wichita believed that Spiritualism and Science were the same in many aspects. To claim that both concepts were made for the same reason; to find truth and unlock its secrets to better mankind. It was from there Yoahtl became more into finding truth from within themselves whilst taking inspiration from their surroundings.

One of the only screenshots taken of the nomadic days of Yoahtl; yyyyaaa(Quauhtli) and then member Carolinafilms loligagging. Circa 2011-10-18

It was at this time the first Seminars would be held. Named after the Seminars and Seminaries given in Catholicism, these were made for debate and discussion between Yoahtlan. At this time no outside communication was used in Yoahtl. Yoahtl also became known for its affinity for universal acceptance. Anyone was accepted no matter belief or identity. Wichita's reign as Yoahtl's second chieftain was overall one of enlightenment and cultural growth rather than political growth or expansion.

In a way, Wichita had achieved his goal. He had managed to give Yoahtl meaning, at least in theory. Although intellectually sound, Yoahtl was still very small. And despite the sense of community, people would still leave Yoahtl to seek higher things.

After a while, he stumbled upon a small server that Quauhtli was playing in. Quauhtli was very new to Minecraft and playing under the name “yyyyaaa”. Wichita invited him into Yoahtl and he joined earnestly. Quauhtli was happy to play with other people and his love for Yoahtl grew. As immature as Quauhtli was, Wichita took him under his wing and every day Wichita would share wisdom from Yoahtl and beyond. He taught Quauhtli the ways of the spiritual Yoahtlan. From there on, Quauhtli matured into a better person than from what he was before he had met Wichita.

One day, Wichita told Quauhtli of Xephos and the nature of servers like those. He said that conflict would always come but in those places it comes quicker. He warned Quauhtli of those places and why he kept Yoahtl away from larger servers. Soon after, Wichita announced that he would be leaving for College, leaving Yoahtl in the care of Quauhtli as the third Chieftain.

Quauhtli continued as Wichita had before him; carrying Yoahtl from server to server as needed. Because of how important Wichita was to Quauhtli, Quauhtli vowed to keep Yoahtl alive for Wichita and to uphold the values he had instilled upon the community. Quauhtli and his band of seven other Yoahtlan traveled on to the next server.

The Crystal Age

A drawn dramatization of Yoahtl's arrival to the jungles and cliffs of Halbyrd. Circa Civcraft 2.0: Cimitlan
A screenshot taken of Yoahtl's first village in Halbyrd immediately after arriving: Circa 2012-03-17

Quauhtli and company arrived at a small factions server by the name of “Halbyrd” and it was a very small server. The Yoahtlan traveled east until they came upon a river surrounded by a jungle. They traveled along the river until they came upon a clearing of plains between the jungle and two mountains. And it was there they set up camp. This settlement would be what was the first formal use of the Mesoamerican-influenced style of building. It was a small town with a stone stone brick pyramid dedicated to those in Xephos in the middle. And Yoahtl would prosper there for a time.

But despite the pleasant times, it was still a factions server. And since Yoahtl had not been on a factions server before, Yoahtl was unfamiliar with the style of play on the server and unfortunately neglected to learn more about it. Inevitably, they were attacked by men with enchanted weapons and armor. The raiders laid waste to Yoahtl as Yoahtl had very few enchanted items of their own. It would have been the end of the city had a few mods not come to their assistance. The mods flew through the sky raining arrows upon the raiders and succeeded in driving them away. The mods then bid the Yoahtlan farewell and continued about their business.

Yoahtl continued with daily life until the server underwent a map reset. But for Yoahtl, it was just like a new server. And although it was new, it felt familiar to the Yoahtlan. Just like when they first joined the server, the Yoahtlan journeyed for several hours onto the direction of the rising sun. After traveling across large tracts of land and several oceans, the Yoahtlan came upon an island with a jungle/plains area at the foot of a very large forested mountain on the banks of a small sea. Here, they founded a new city and named it Tlaloc after the Aztec god of water and rain.

Halbyrd had also grown causing the population of Yoahtl to grow much larger and quicker than it ever had before and due to this new influx of people, the Yoahtlan culture and it’s ideals began to flourish among it’s people. These people also contributed to the Yoahtlan style of architecture and after some time the style improved and became more unique to Yoahtl. Then, for the first time since the days of Xephos, Yoahtl had more than one settlement. Civilization started spreading all across their remote island to the desert in the east and the plains to the south. The city in the desert was named Aztlan and Tikal was in the plains. Yoahtl also used this time to adopt and use the factions plugins of the server itself.

A screenshot of Tlaloc; Yoahtl's capitol city and the Temple of the Rising Sun and Moon. Circa 2012-04-08

With this renaissance of the Yoahtlan practices, the Yoahtlan had stepped out of their nomadic ways. Yoahtl became much more “Civilized”. The factions plugin was used to help govern how power was distributed among the settlements and the beginnings of a government structure began to form. Yoahtl soon had a member count of around 30-40 at this time and soon became the top faction on Halbyrd. While Halbyrd was larger than it was before, it was still smaller than most other servers. This prompted the first warriors to be trained in Yoahtl.

These warriors were aided by the fact that Yoahtl could now mass produce enchanted diamond weapons and armor. Quauhtli allowed himself to think Yoahtl had found a home where it could continue to grow and be a meaningful community. For another month, they had fun, debated, and continued to prosper. Thus, the Yoahtlan time up to here in Halbryrd was dubbed “The Crystal Age”.

The War of Horses

The time of relative peace ended when people started to see pixel art and towers being built near Tlaloc. Upon investigation they found that a new faction had sprung up in the plains west of Tlaloc. This faction called “Mylttlpny” had seized control of the western part of the island. This was the first time Yoahtl had ever encountered such a large amount of bronies, or bronies in general. Several Yoahtlan were very uncomfortable due to the massive pixel art next to Tlaloc and how close the faction was on a whole. To try to settle matters, the first diplomatic mission met with the bronies of Mylttlpny.

A painting depicting a Skull Knight after had just taken part in the sacking of Mylttlpny. Circa CivMC; Age of Retribution.

The two parties met in the bronies' base of Tuton. They first discussed why Mylttlpny had chosen to settle in the lands next to Yoahtl. The bronies claimed they had found the land before Yoahtl. From this point the negotiations went sour as the bronies insisted the land was theirs. This angered Yoahtl as a whole, especially Quauhtli. Yoahtl asked them to leave the island but they refused. This caused Yoahtl to declare war on Mylttlpny.

Yoahtl sent five fighters to secure the outer areas of the land claimed by Mylttlpny and claim all the land surrounding them using the server's “power” plugin. It was there that the fighting began. More citizens of Yoahtl were drawn into the fighting which moved from Tuton to Tlaloc. Because of the power plugin dictating that each time a faction member was killed, it subtracted power from the faction; the fighting was very high-stakes. But while Mylttlpny had diamond armor and weapons like Yoahtl did, Yoahtl had all of these items in reserve as well so Yoahtl could handle losses.

The fighting took place for about two and a half hours. It ended when Mylttlpny no longer had the resources to fight Yoahtl equally without losing too much power to their claims. This battle was dubbed “The Battle of the Horse”. After the battle, the Yoahtlan were able to claim land surrounding the Mylttlpny claims. In this land, Yoahtl constructed an obsidian wall surrounding their claims and despite the fact the brony HQ which was a floating room constructed of iron and gold blocks with a water elevator on the bottom.

The construction of these walls lead to the siege of Tuton. The siege lasted four days. Small skirmishes took place during that time which Yoahtl won. Yoahtl used this power to claim more of the pixel art and set it aflame. On the fourth day Mylttlpny mounted an assault with about seven people at a moment when Yoahtl only had five citizens available to defend. These numbers allowed Mylttlpny to initially take back some of the land. However, more Yoahtlan came online and then Mylttlpny was outnumbered twelve to seven. The Yoahtlan were able to kill enough of the bronies to claim more pixel art and assault the HQ. The Yoahtlan managed to fight their way up and flood and spawncamp the Mylttlpny HQ. By then Yoahtl controlled the rest of Mylttlpny's claims. All of the Yoahtlan cheered as they removed the blocks and broke into the chests. Soon they were burning the remainder of the pixel art. After that, the faction owner of Mylttlpny disbanded the faction. It was a clear and decisive victory.

A screenshot of Tuton Post-war as a refurbished town apart of the Yoahtlan. Circa 2012-05-04 22

After the fighting, and after the ugly buildings and pixel art were removed, and since the Yoahtlan claims were there, Tuton became a settlement of Yoahtl. Many Yoahtlan moved into the city and fixed it up into a respectable place and Tuton became a symbol for the Yoahtlan dominance of the island. With this city joining the previous three, Yoahtl reached fifty citizens.

End of the Crystal Age

After the war and the annexation of Tuton, Yoahtl reached new heights of wealth. So much wealth that the pyramids of Tlaloc were adorned with diamond, gold, iron, and lapis blocks in elaborate designs. It also spurred the creation of a new palace and enchanting building. This also lead to the formalizing, mapping, and naming of regions within Yoahtl's claims. All was well and peaceful for another month until a new update and new map which marked the end of the Crystal Age.

The sudden reset of the map lead to many players of Halybrd to leave because of all the lost progress. Many of those players were Yoahtlan. The server was different following the reset. The factions plugins were gone and it was announced that Halybrd would be converted into a zombies survival server. Zombies spawned too much for any one group to settle and it became clear Halybrd would not last. Yoahtl sought a new home as before. Quauhtli was extremely disappointed. And once more, Quauhtli and the Yoahtlan traveled to a new server.

The Age of Valor

At this time, it was generally known to the Yoahtlan that minecraft and all of it’s servers were generally violent places by now. So when seeking a new home, they looked for a server that was large enough for them to not only enjoy a good growth; but to have space and room to build peacefully and keep themselves a secret. Quauhtli was not a very patient figurehead at this time; and the moment they found a candidate they pulled forth full steam ahead, onto a server called EndlessCraft.

It should be known that while Yoahtl held itself in high esteem in regards of ideals and distinct culture; they were not very good at establishing what kind of server to go to overall. It is because of this, they’d discover that EndlessCraft was a rabidly pvp-focused server; and it is because of this hard-learned fact that would force Yoahtl to take a Isolationist (but ambitious) policy.

The moment they made it into the Spawn-Area of this brave new world, they found themselves in a dog-eat-dog server; far more violent than what they had suspected, let alone what they had seen in Halybrd. It seemed as if the moment someone left the safe-zone of the spawn; they would instantly be hit by an arrow, no matter the distance, and die. What groupings Yoahtl had, had to muscle through the wall of death to get to a safe distance enough to set a home safely and TPA the others who had died to the new locations. Once that had been done they ventured forward for many hours, to the point it almost seemed like a day. The heading was the same as always, to the rising sun; through ocean, forest, and hill. Yoahtl would eventually hit a coast that seemed to endear widely to both sides; and boldly sailed forward through for many more hours of pure ocean. But excitement was in the air; where there should have been boredom and tiredness, there was an electricity in the air and fluttering in their bellies. Their fingers held steadily on their ‘W’ keys; staring blankly into the screen; lost in the thoughts of what was to come and to be achieved in the hearts and lands of what would soon be Yoahtl; out there somewhere.

Eventually they hit land, and at the very moment they did; they stayed. A whole continent, isolated from anything or anyone who played in Endless; besides the Yoahtlan. The land was promptly named Ixilitlon and swiftly make-shift houses were built and progress had earnestly began. It was sand, as it was a mixture of both beach and desert; it was to be that many of the buildings to come will and would be built with sandstone, but with an attempt at the Huehuetlic design produced in Halybrd. Attempts at a nostalgia of Tuton was made, with grand to minimal success; it changed overtime. However at the same time; everyone had kept to the idea of being very quiet, absolutely no public chat until what could be recognized as a city could be made; and no TPA’s to those they did not know or trust. It was a wise policy.

A screenshot of a central area in Ixiliton not long before the beginning of the Great E.C War. Circa 2012-06-27

This continued for a week and a half, and we slowly grew from from finding and observing those on the main continent and spawn who did not typically fought or mostly indulged in building. It was through this Yoahtl would grow to become a sprawling metropolis of comparable server iterations in the later future, and by now Yoahtl would soon become a major name on the list of top factions in EndlessCraft. EndlessCraft was a PVP-factions server, and as such ran on the factions plugin; those being noted on plugin-based notoriety based on member count, as well as rhetorical notoriety that would spread across the server; and while Yoahtl was keen on avoiding attention, it couldn't be help as their ambitions outweighed their caution. Slowly Yoahtl began to move away from it’s fear-driven caution; and more-so into it’s Halybrd moldings. As they built higher towers, greater aesthetics, and far more houses for far more people; they began to notice new houses built in various parts of the continent to which they called home.

The Second Wayon-Dot

After investigating the sudden new residencies popping up across the continent Yoahtl called home; they have discovered that several brand new factions have been established on said continent. Many of which had been founded by people who had friends in Yoahtl, but whom of which did not necessarily want to *live* in Ixilitlon. Many others also came from abroad from the main continent of Spawn to avoid the constant warfare and toxicity, and to be apart of Yoahtl’s dream of a peaceful and productive game-time, and like the others; did not want to live in Ixilitlon. And as Ixilitlon grew, so did the neighboring factions of the continent over the coming days and weeks. The ideals of the Huehuetlic culture quickly spread throughout the span of the continent through its new neighbors; save the aesthetics and culture of Ixtlilton. The Yoahtlan saw these new entities as opportunities rather than competition than what they had in Halybrd and they all grew close to Yoahtl and in turn; to each other. Roads were built, trade and bartering was made; and the dream Yoahtl had envisioned became closer to fruition; they were good times.

By then, the continent Yoahtl called home became a hub of hope; a stark contrast to what could be offered at the main continent of Spawn. And furthermore it’s more hopeful peers became envious of what Yoahtl and its neighbors can offer. Yoahtl had become once again become a major power in the eyes of the server at large and it became very hard to cloak. Each new faction within the continent held its own aesthetics, build style, and focus; but held with them the ideals of the Huehuetlico. All went well; and Quauhtli would think to the stories told by Wichita; the story of Yoahtl’s Origins and the Empire of Wayon-Dot. Quauhtli saw the opportunity to make reality a new Wayon-dot in the continent Yoahtl called home and went about asking the faction leaders of each faction in the continent; A great meeting was held atop the first pryamid of Ixtlilton. The talks began as Quauhtli explained the history of Yoahtl and its importance; and after much agreement, the final agreement came into realization as it would be agreed that all factions upon the continent would be apart of Quauhtli’s new Wayon-Dot, and so aptly named was their home continent. Made up of several bases and towns of the continent; they would defend each other and trade amongst each other with open arms knowing it will flow back to one another eventually. The second Wayon-Dot was established, and it was good.

A drawn and dramatized depiction of a member of 3 of the most notable factions of the Second Wayon-Dot in E.C. Drawn in the 2nd Melonian Era.

There were many new smaller factions scattered across Wayon-Dot; Yoahtl of course being the more prominent of them. However among those outside of Ixilitlon, a particular few stood out from the rest; those of which who had carved a particular niche and style within Wayon-Dot. First being the “Assassins”, the second largest faction in Wayon-dot. The Assassins’s name was an accident, but it’s niche and way in Wayon-dot was anything but; for they grew quickly from its very conception. The houses and buildings of Assasins were completely oaken, with small exceptions of cobblestone. They lived in the southern parts of the continent along a taiga/tundra coast overlooked be great mountains and cliffs. They took focus on the ranged part of PVP; always taking part in Archery competitions as well as a “navy”. They used small wooden boats as per Minecraft would allow, but they had become good enough at archery that they could shoot a targeted boat with little miss or mistake and they were particularly potent in the water on boat. Then there were the “XPShniks”; a opportunistic and trade-enriched faction that was located further inland to beyond the mountains and hills of Assassins and a way’s away from Ixilitlon’s sands. The XPShniks; while not as numerous as Yoahtl or Assasins, held the concept of trade amongst the factions on the continent highly. It was because of this that they’d quickly become the more wealthy part of the continent. This was coupled for their focus on PVP  involving wolves and their love for creating massive structures. Their base was small; but it was made up of large circular towers that started small from the bottom, and larger the higher they became; made from stone bricks. They would scour the continent for any wolves to tame and bring them back to their towers where; whole war parties made up of 4-8 wolves led by one tamer armed with a bow and whatever the best armor and sword he/she could get. All they did was build, trade, train, and gather more wolves. The people of Wayon-Dot were happy and all those dwelled within it enjoyed a time of relative peace and harmony with each other; free from worry from the Continent of Spawn; at least for the time being.

A drawing of Inmysovietrussia planning a war strategy on Behalf of the Second Wayon-Dot and Yoahtl. Drawn circa Civcraft 2.0; Cimitlan

Prelude to War

While Wayon-Dot experienced two months of peace, a brutal conflict was being waged on main continent of Spawn; a faction by the name of “DeathPunch” was conquering other factions across the Spawn continent, incorporating them into a confederacy. DeathPunch had already become the second largest faction of E.C, The secret to their success was a client-based modification called “NODUS”- a hacking software, it gave great power to those who used it, if they could keep it hidden from the admins. Having conquered the mainland, there was nowhere to go but Wayon-Dot; the invasion would take Yoahtl completely by surprise.

First Contact

DeathPunch first arrived on the south coast; the Assassins spotted them on the water from their cliffside fortress: two dozen ships with diamond clad archers, toting NODUS hacks; before they reached the shore, they were already firing volleys of arrows at the cliff face; the Assassins fired back; TNT cannons and arrow-dispensers were set on the approaching fleet, and rigged to keep firing; the advance continued, and retreat to the fort was ordered; when the invaders stepped off their boats, some fighters remained on the beach to defend the entrance; the DP swords sent Assassins flying 20 feet across the sand; no one on the ground was left alive.

Word got out, and Wayon-Dot mobilized; while on their way to the battle, Yoahtlan reinforcements could hear the constant rumble of TNT explosions from the coast; a crack in the rock was made for them to enter the fort discretely; the XPShniks soon arrived too, bringing much needed supplies; they all huddled in the fort and continued to fight off the invading horde, which was now pounding at the front gate.

The siege went on for hours; chat was a blur of savage war cries and Yoahtlan despair, as the invaders continued to advance on their walls, digging holes in their defenses; it is reported that, at some point, the screaming outside the gate stopped, and the horde retreated to the beach - when the general looked, someone else was there fighting them: it was Inmysovietrussia.

It is not known at what moment he decided to turn against his faction, but his skill in combat was far beyond any of them; when he turned on them, the scenario shifted dramatically; DP were suddenly on the defensive, and after a moment of shock, Yoahtl began to storm the beach.

Inmysovietrussia fought with sword and bow; he swung in every direction, firing pointblank arrows- all around him they fell dead; he would pearl between them as they converged, taking them out one by one. When the Yoahtlan line reached the battle, he started to give orders, and they followed; he was added to groups, and they began to claim land on the battlefield; Deathpunch were caught between Russia and the advancing Yoahtlan flank; eventually the invaders were cornered, and someone finally ran to turn off the TNT cannons - the battle was won.

Following the battle, Inmysovietrussia would sit down with Quauhtli for many hours to talk; he would reveal that he was DeathPunch's leader, and the reason for their military success; that it was he who assimilated the tribes of Helios, and forced them to install NODUS or be killed; and that he decided he couldn't go forward with it anymore; he saw how the subjugation of people's wills weakened them, and took away their spirit; he revealed that the Admins were with the faction, permitting the cheat; Quauhtli wanted to leave the world behind, and take Yoahtl to a safer place, under better Admins, but Russia had a plan.

The Raid of KingZ

Wayon-Dot was no longer secret; the faction leaders met on the summit of the temple of Huitzilopochtli in Ixilitlon, along with Quauhtli, Gummy, his second in command, and Russia, to discuss what to do next; it was agreed among them that Deathpunch needed to be destroyed. Russia told his story to the clans, then declared their plan of attack: he knew where Deathpunch was stashing their items: duped materials, impossibly enchanted weapons, and armour; he assured the factions that without their hacked items, Deathpuch would be no match for Yoahtl.

Russia marked a storehouse to be raided, held by a faction called KingZ; they crossed the sea and passed through mountains; when they arrived, the place was guarded by five accounts; for two hours, they ferried illegal goods out of the storehouse through a hole in the back wall, unnoticed. When one of the guards finally saw them, Russia began frantically removing Deathpunch members from their own groups, while, as quickly as possible, adding Yoahtlan fighters to the same groups. The race was on to take as much as they could carry: TNT, XP, steak, potion materials, gapples, pearls...they took everything they could back to Ixilitlon while Russia held the way open for them; one DP soldier got through and killed a few Yoahtlan before Russia could get to them; Russia eventually killed enough of them to contest their claims, and a third party swept in and began claiming before Yoahtl could; Russia ordered the factions to start claiming on their own groups; Deathpunch factions continued trying to hold the claim.

When the two sides met, they had the same weapons: the knockback from their new bows was enough to keep Deathpunch off their boats while they continued to loot the storehouse. Eventually DP started to push through a corner of the building, and Yoahtl attempted to seal the breach with new blocks. DP set up a TNT cannon outside the hole and began to fire into the building, killing many Yoahtlan. Russia orders them to hold their position with arrows, while he continues to claim blocks of the building. He breaks through the wall behind the cannon and leads a charge of 8 soldiers out of the hole towards them; there was a bloody clash, with Yoahtl slowly moving inward with claims, placing obby the whole time.

Eventually Russia began to build up an obby wall around the whole facility; Quauhtli followed suit, as well as Gummy. They surrounded the facility, and then the entire faction of KingZ; Yoahtlan soldiers stood on top of the wall firing arrows down into the pit; Just when a total slaughter seemed certain, Russia called for a ceasefire. He declared that the base had been captured, and would now be used by Yoahtl; the clans rejoiced and boasted from the walls; they had just had their first taste of real victory, and now they were sufficiently armed to wage a long-term war against the Deathpunch empire.


(to be written...)


The Era of Resettlement was marked by the end of Meloncraft and the exodus of many Yoahtlan to Civcraft 2.0. This era began in Meloncraft and was characterized by a sense of being lost and purposeless. The community struggled to survive and adapt to the new environment of Civcraft. This era came to an end with the coming of the Goodspringers and St_Leibowitz, the future Alcuahtl, who took a look at Yoahtl's governing traditions and found them lacking.

The Era of Dissent was the era of Yoahtl's many attempts at a constitution and governmental reform. It was an era formed out of the necessity of change to the community that came from being on a new server. However, the incongruity between the attempted reforms and Yoahtl's traditions led to a period of intense disorganization and power struggles, allowing proliferation of selfish interests. Faced with the ongoing infighting and ineffective governance brought on by corruption and poor governmental reforms, the community split and shattered, leaving Yoahtl nearly dead. During the worst of these times, Yoahtl consisted of Quauhtli_Mia, Klasikrok, WackyAki, And St. Leibowitz.


The Era of Reclamation (July 2017 to March 2018)

The Era of Reclamation is marked by the return to traditions and a more informal governing style and focus on community rather than politics. This era began after the arrival of Yoahtl to its current home. This era also is marked with the removal of redundant or useless laws and regulation and ensuring that those in power make rules to serve the populace and build community rather than gaining power. This era has come of age during the Somber War, but ended with the Lex vault break and the formation of SATO.


At the start of CivClassic, Yoahtl was governed by Alcuahtl St_Liebowitz (who was largely inactive), Deputy Alcuahtl Asakuun, and Quauhtli_Mia. They established the town of Axochitlan, near the southeast worldborder [1], a short distance from Laconia.

Initially, Yoahtl was intended to function as a loose federation of smaller towns, with Laconia holding a prominent position. However, disagreements over the terms led to the First Yoahtl-Laconia War, starting around the 4th of July 2017. Several Yoahtlan were pearled, and the war concluded with Yoahtl’s surrender on the 7th of July.

Both before and after the war, Laconia (at the time consisting of BuckyHD, TofeeDodger, and FRESH_candy) conducted several raids on Axochitlan, using alt accounts to conceal their identity, and switching back to their main accounts when Yoahtlan called for help.


Resentment towards Laconia quickly boiled over in Yoahtl, within several days of the war’s conclusion bgbba ordered the evacuation of Axochitlan to a temporary site within Commonwealth, who had offered asylum, thirteen thousand blocks away. TheOrangeWizard, Link2006, 14uu, and other Yoahtl citizens camped at Northpoint [2].

While Yoahtl was in exile, St_Liebowitz removed Asakuun and Quauhtli_Mia from their positions in government and appointed bgbba as Deputy Alcuahtl.


On the 11th of July Yoahtl relocated to the island then known as Gapplar, within Vzis claims. The site was christened New Yoahtl City in honour of their migration and the date’s abbreviation, 7/11.

The Vzis War

Miscommunication between Yoahtl and Vzis meant that Vzis was not aware of Yoahtl’s decision to settle the island until public claims were posted on the 18th of July, by which stage Yoahtl had set up factories and was unwilling to leave when Vzis demanded they do so. In response, S4NTA, DroidJoe, Bluedillydilly, AkChaseKid, TheOGFormula, and Mickale moved to occupy NYC. INightLightDX was pearled, and Yoahtl made a call for help on the subreddit.

The call was answered by Bewsiej and Johnfairfax, part of Nudist Beach, who had prior grievances with some Vzis players. On the night of the 18th Bewsiej and Johnfairfax pearled TheOGFormula and rendezvoused with TheOrangeWizard, TheCowGunnerMoo, and Charlieseese to destroy the Vzis factory bunker.

On the 19th, Vzis surrendered, ceding Gapplar to Yoahtl and agreeing to pay a sum of diamonds in reparations, although this was never actually delivered.

Somber War

Yoahtl initially maintained neutrality throughout the Somber War until the defeat of Anguish and subsequent confinement of Lexington to their vault. After entering talks with Hjaltland, BlueSylvaer and bgbba agreed that Yoahtl would enter the Western Alliance and commit to the war effort. Yoahtl's presence was felt heavily at the final assault on Lexington, with many Yoahtlan participating on the skybridge including bgbba who was at the time the Deputy Alcuahtl and TheOrangeWizard the Alcuahtl. The defeat of Lexington led Quauhtli_mia to declare that the era had ended and a new era had begun.

The Era of Resurgence (March 2018 - January 2019)

The Konigsberg Intervention - March 15 to March 17th 2018

Almost immediately after the Somber War concluded, Konigsberg's channers settled near the HJE and began causing drama. They concocted a plot to raid all of SATO and assassinate TheOrangeWizard. Several alt raids were conducted attacking Southshire and Yoahtl with diplomatic support from Baes20 and the Rhodesians within the HJE. This information was leaked by Charlameme, who fled south. Hjaltland and Yoahtl led an attack force north and scattered the Konigsberg forces but obtained no pearls. The fleeing Konigsberg channers, in particular Figasaur and cr0c0dile/Zoltan, resettled in MtA to form the Jewish Quarter beginning nearly two and a half years of antisemetic harassment of the Civ community. This incident, combined with Rhodesian and HJE support for Konigsberg including pearling and vaulting Charlameme for revealing the altraiding began the drastic rise in tensions between SATO and FRIENDS. A bgpost explaining the incident in detail with screenshots.

It's notable that this was the second time Rhodesia had supported Konigsberg. The first incident between Yoahtl and Konigsberg culminated in General_Thomas invading Yoahtl and nearly being pearled by Neptune/Altraid/Asumaru. It has been remarked that had General_Thomas been successfully pearled in this initial intervention that years worth of drama could have been avoided.

Power Struggles

The Yoahtlan government upon the formation of SATO was dominated by a power struggle inside the Yoahtlan Council and government at large between various factions. The first faction was led by bgbba, the Deputy Alcuahtl and Chieftain, supporting TheOrangeWizard initially and later himself. This faction would later become the Cult of Bg which led Yoahtl to disaster and near ruin underneath his 3rd reign as Alcuahtl in the summer of 2019. Upon bgbba's ascension to the throne, TheOrangeWizard left Yoahtl for the first time joined by loyal Orange partisan Dr_Oracle, creator of the Antedeluvian Towers in NYC, one of the city's most architecturally significant landmarks.

Opposing bgbba's rise to power but also opposed to the Orange regime was Wingzero54, a powerful Councillor and Meat312 the General of Yoahtl. Initially bgbba supported Meat against the other Councillors, who were concerned about meat312's growing political power including ownership of the Yoahtl vault groups. The biggest flashpoint was over whether or not meat312 should be allowed free access to the government's treasury. This controversy began because the Council made the rules regarding the treasury but the General is an appointed position which at the time had an unstable legal basis. bgbba initially supported meat312's bid to be considered a full member of the government against the wishes of Orange and the Council but withdrew support after the meat312-Wingzero54 partnership began. Upon the final defeat of meat312's bid for access to Yoahtl's treasury and government communications he allied to Wingzero54. Together, meat312 and Wingzero54 made a strong bid to make Wingzero54 Alcuahtl in the wake of the increasingly overwhelmed OrangeWizard's decision to resign. This was stopped by an impassionated speech by Orangist partisan Dr_Oracle, who called Wingzero54 'uninspiring' and dealt a death blow to his bid for the Throne of the Rising Dawn. With Dr_Oracle refusing to support Wingzero's attempt to ascend the throne, bgbba became the Alcuahtl for the 3rd and final time. bgbba's 3rd reign marked the fourth and to date final time that the Chieftain and Alcuahtl were the same individual, with disastrous results.

The controversy badly damaged unity within the Yoahtlan government. Meat312 and Wingzero54 were alienated from the remainder of the government firmly behind bgbba and his growing cult status. Together they established XP infrastructure on Cat Island and began plans to defect from Yoahtl to form Caledonia. However, Dr_Oracle and TheOrangeWizard were equally opposed to bgbba's reign and defected outright. With all four major political figures neutralized via infighting and defections, the final barriers to the Cult of Bg were removed. As the summer began so did the cult of bg.

The First CivClassics Olympics

During the time of increased Yoahtlan prominence, the first Civ Olympics of CivClassics was hosted by Feathercrown and WackyAki, both future Alcuahtls. Most nations of the world attended, however FRIENDS partially boycotted the Olympics due to the Pinkerton Incident which had led to a radical rise of tensions due to bgbba's involvement. The Olympics was a major success and began a three year long tradition of the Civ Olympics being hosted throughout major cities on the server. See also: First CivClassics Olympics.

The Cult of Bg and the Laconian War

After bgbba's rise to power, the government decided to replenish the losses of productive members of the nation in the preceding political struggles by resettling and reclaiming Axochitlan. This was undertaken by Quauhtli_mia. The Laconians were inactive and unaware of the reclamation until Quauhtli_mia made a post taunting them on the subreddit. This began a rapid rise in tensions. The so called Cult of Bg, led by bgbba, increased hostile rhetoric and began diplomatic attempts to seize the land.

Yoahtl had already been involved in various controversies between SATO and FRIENDS and tensions were running high across the map. Laconia refused to give up the land but by this point Axochitlan had been reclaimed and settled. Minor skirmishes broke out across the territory between Laconia with assistance from their ally Rhodesia and Yoahtl with diplomatic support from some members of SATO. In a final attempt to reverse course, bgbba supported a proposal to buy Axochitlan and some of the land for 6,000 diamonds. It was too late. The Council, assured of victory by weeks of rhetoric by meat312 and bgbba, voted the proposal down. Preparations for war began immediately and Yoahtlan forces occupied Axochitlan. This culminated in the Battle on the Bridge in which Rhodesian and Laconian forces fired on meat312, beginning the Third Laconia War. The Laconia War was ended by General_Thomas and Capri, the two Rhodesian military commanders, pearling bgbba.

The Fall of Bg and the Orange Restoration

The Third Laconia War ended in catastrophe for Yoahtl. Abandoned by allies due to hostile rhetoric and with bgbba pearled, Yoahtl sued for peace. TheOrangeWizard and Dr_Oracle returned to Yoahtl, retook the Throne of the Rising Dawn, and instituted the 2nd Charter. Feathercrown, the hero of Yoahtl's efforts to host the Olympic Games, was appointed to lead diplomatic overtures because FRIENDS refused to discuss terms with anybody else. The terms were harsh. Yoahtl was to dig out a vault hole for Laconia, pay significant reparations, and bgbba was to be stripped of all titles. Chieftainship passed to WackyAki. Critically however, Quauhtli_mia remained in Yoahtl and was opposed to the entire settlement and Orangist regime. Despite critical reforms being instituted, including the separation of the judiciary from the executive and legislative branches under SpaceVolcano, the unpopularity of the Orangist regime began to rise due to hostile rhetoric by Quauhtli_mia and WackyAki. bgbba also during this time destroyed the reputation of Yoahtl by having a scheme to be freed and begin resuming tensions with FRIENDS concocted with Hjaltland Chancellor BlueSylvaer leaked to the subreddit, resulting in his ambiguous permapearl sentence being upgraded to an official permapearl. During this time, the infamous rant against ZachAttack occurred in mumble. Many remixes were produced.

CivEx First Light

Yoahtl decided to take a break from the CivClassic's drama to play on CivEx: First Light. This was a time of great success for Yoahtl. Neotide_ first began associating with Yoahtl during this period. The instability of playing on a different server combined with the unpopularity of TheOrangeWizard's new charter with the citizenry led to calls to create a new charter. The supporters were divided between remaining bgists such as WackyAki and Quauhtli_mia who favored restoration of the First Charter called Restorationists and the Reformists led by Tigen and SpaceVolcano who supported writing a new Third Charter incorporating the popular elements of the Second Charter such as the creation of the High Justice. Opposition to charter change mostly consisted of TheOrangeWizard, Dr_Oracle, and skeptics currently serving in government positions such as future Alcuahtl MightyOddish. After a series of discussions led by Tigen and SpaceVolcano's passionate advocacy of a renewed charter, the Restorationist faction merged under a united group of government members. WackyAki resigned from the Chieftainship after a particularly brutal roasting session for his unwavering support of Quauhtli_mia's rhetoric in favor of renewed hostility with FRIENDS, beginning the WackyAki Redemption.

The Third Charter restored much of the First Charter and brought back the Council as Yoahtl's legislature. However, lawmaking power for the general citizenry via referendums was retained as was the entire structure of the independent judicial system underneath SpaceVolcano. The Alcuahtl was stripped of most remaining powers and the concept of the General was defined explicitly as a legal position. While TheOrangeWizard remained Alcuahtl, he resigned in January of 2019 having lost too much influence to manage the Yoahtlan state when it was decided to return to CivClassics. With bgbba permapearled and completely unwilling to ascend the Throne of the Rising Dawn, Feathercrown was made Alcuahtl.

Stabilization of Political Leadership

This brought an end to nearly three years of rapid leadership changes and endless political instability within Yoahtl. In the three years before Feathercrown's ascendance Yoahtl had had almost a dozen separate Alcuahtlships. TheOrangeWizard and bgbba served three separate terms each, St_Liebowitz served twice, Klasikrok and M_M_Modshot served once, and Asakuun had served as Acting Alcuahtl for a week before being expelled for treason. The longest term was TheOrangeWizard who served for six months give or take, the majority of which was marked by brutal political struggles between Councillors underneath him.

Since Feathercrown's ascendance Yoahtl has had three Alcuahtls, all of whom served for long periods of time overseeing an era of political stability and relative unity. bgbba has also remained Chieftain since this time, but has never held the reigns of power again. This was the great gift of Feathercrown's leadership, wisdom, and political insight.

The Era of the Olympiad (2019)

New Yoahtl City Redesign - Spring of 2019 and Summer of 2019

On the return to CivClassics, Yoahtl was a shrunken community. Badly damaged by the rise and fall of the cult of bg, the loss in the Laconian War, and months of political division, reform of the city itself was needed. Initially led by Feather, many design changes occurred to the city. Old buildings were removed and public squares were brought back. LukasMaps, SpaceVolcano, Feathercrown, Sventhar, and XCstar led a redevelopment effort that cleaned the slate for the city that exists today. This included a major redesign and expansion of Yoahtl's train station, the creation of the Southeast District Homeowner's Association, and a large scale renovation of the surrounding island which had become full of ugly farms and abandoned buildings.

Integration of the NCA - Fall of 2019

The NCA was originally composed of several nations, including Okashima and Vinland. While being members of SATO, the apathy of Hjaltland and Commonwealth towards FRIENDS had led to Yoahtl, Vinland, Okashima, and several smaller territories forming the NCA. This was escalated when SATO allowed Rekvia to take a large portion of Okashima by force. SATO's leadership claimed that Okashima hadn't handled the situation in a way that would justify SATO intervention, while Yoahtl and Vinland were threatened by the presence of Rekvia, who had plentiful ties to FRIENDS, on their borders. In the intervening time between the formation of SATO and the return of Yoahtl to CivClassics the NCA had declined and talks began about integrating the NCA into Yoahtl directly as new towns. This occurred in the fall of 2019 after months of negotiations and diplomatic overtures with the ascension of Okashima as a non-autonomous town within Yoahtl.

Okashima was fraught with political strife. The drama continued until finally F1sh98, the source of most of the conflict, was overthrown in a coup backed by the Yoahtlan federal government and Neotide_. This began the integration of the NCA's military forces and Yoahtl, with Neotide_ becoming the General of both structures and integrating them. Eventually the entire NCA would see activity die down and be fully incorporated into Yoahtl.

Quiet Months - Winter of 2018 to Summer of 2019

After the burst of energy redesigning NYC, Yoahtl fell on quiet times. Activity dropped across the server and new players were looking for greener pastures in Icenia, Imperial Truidence, Bloom, and other new nations that were founded in the wake of the Somber War. Hallow was founded and FRIENDS collapsed. Rhodesia was wiped out by SATO and Entente and the remaining FRIENDS nations joined Hallow to create NATO. The rise in tensions began with Rhodesia obby bombing and disabling the Southshire vault hole. Hjaltland descended on Rhodesia and annihilated them, but not before FRIENDS abandoned Rhodesia to their fate. Rhodesian fighters fled north to Columbia and NATO setting the stage for future conflicts. This final confrontation between Rhodesia and SATO, which had begun with the Battle of the Border Wall between bgbba and altraid vs General_Thomas in the first Konigsberg Crisis, is notable for removing the last hostile powers from the Southeast quadrant. Upon success, Frensin was said to have remarked that Yoahtl was 'right all along' for being so hostile towards Rhodesian intervention in the South.

The Banning of bgbba - February 2019

After a year of controversy, one final blowout between bgbba and his pearl holders occurred on the subreddit. Several NATO players had been harassing Callum, StrPlatinum, bgbba, and other SATO figures, accusing them of horrible harassment during the FRIENDS vs SATO conflicts that had resulted in a FRIENDS player harming themselves. In particular Callum and StrPlatinum were targets, both of them at the time underage players. bgbba was a target as well, with people making racist comments about his ex-girlfriend and calling her a 'moor' and joking about killing her in Crusader Kings 2. Still permapearled by FRIENDS, bgbba returned home from the bar one night and made a post so vicious, toxic, and unacceptable about said harassment that he was instantly permabanned from CivClassics. This post marked the high water mark for toxicity in the FRIENDS-SATO disputes and led to the admins banning several individuals responsible for the harassment. However, bgbba was permabanned and Yoahtl's reputation externally took another hit.

Yoahtl's Turn towards the International Community - Summer and Fall of 2019

With Quauhtli_mia inactive, bgbba permabanned and permapearled, and assorted hotheads like ThirdofFive and f1sh98 gone, Yoahtl settled into a new era. Diplomatic reputation began to be restored. ZachTack, Neotide_, Spacevolcano, MightyOddish, Sventhar, WackyAki, Feathercrown, and others such as the Resimearans led activity during this time. The NCA and Yoahtl were merged into one united Empire of Yoahtl, production of material goods rose, Neotide_ fully joined Yoahtl proper as Okashima declined, and a general period of medium activity flourished. During this time, Yoahtl began to reach out to the international community. The Entente formed and Neotide_ integrated himself into the Entente military structure. The UNC rose and fell and the seed that became the UDF was planted when Neotide_ helped put down the Clown Wars in Icenia.

As a final note, in August of 2019, bgbba was considered reformed by the admins and allowed to be unbanned, along with Reiko and others who were deemed to deserve a second chance due to deescalation of toxic behaviors. Public apologies were made and Yoahtl's reputation was rehabilitated. ComradeNick agreed to free bgbba and to bury the hatchet. In order to maintain the balance of power and in keeping with the deal to free bgbba with ComradeNick, Yoahtl declared official neutrality in the ongoing Infinity War. However, times grew dark again as raiders, obby bombers, and others rampaged across the map. When Yoahtl and other neutral nations were attacked by Ransackistan, Yoahtl joined the UDF and declared war on Ransackistan in the second week of December 2019. The Coalition War had begun. Now fully reintegrated with old and new allies, Yoahtl's community threw itself into the war effort and began a renewed focus on infrastructure to win the war effort.

The Era of Infrastructure (2020-2021)

The Infinity War

Yoahtl played a critical role in building infrastructure to unite the UDF and SATO. For the first time the majority of nations in the North and South of the map were linked by secure iceroads and Great Overland Rail. See: NATO-Mir War

CivClassics Decline and Rebirth - Summer 2020 to Spring 2021

During the aftermath of the Infinity War, CivRealms launched. This was a period of low activity ingame for Yoahtl. Feathercrown resigned as Alcuahtl and MightyOddish ascended to the Throne of the Rising Dawn. As spring arrived Yoahtl began reviving along with the rest of the UDF. After several weeks, a large meeting was held by bgbba, Enforcer15, and other major UDF figures affirming that CivRealms was a dead end and that CivClassics should be revived. With renewed interest in CivClassics, the population boomed and Yoahtl began it's latest rebirth.

The Revival of Yoahtl - Spring 2021 to Winter 2021

The economy boomed and demand for labor increased. Led by GDAN12, WackyAki, and others, the population rose rapidly. Production skyrocketed and NYC reached a new height of architectural beauty. Kobylinski was revived yet again for the first time in years and good times were had by all. XP prices fell below one diamond per block at some points and newcomers to Yoahtl learned to bot farms to keep the economy running. However as Yoahtl thrived the UDF began to struggle. Internal squabbling began with the renewed focus of the Hjaltland-Columbia-Valyria-Kallos partnership that made coordination difficult. Despite reaching a new height of power, the Empire of Yoahtl found itself alienated from former allies. As the map ended, Yoahtl's energy continued. The end of CivClassics marks the end of the Era of Infrastructure.


The Current Era

Named to be decided later.

The Purgatory Period & SOTW - Winter 2021 to July 2022

This period is highlighted by the Purgatory Proposal. The Purgatory Proposal prevents normal elections from occurring due to no mainline sever for Yoahtl to join. Drama on the CivMC Discord has made Yoahtl feel disatisfised with the community there, causing many Yoahtlan to invest more into the Yoahtlan community. New and old faces appear within the Yoahtl Discord with anticipation for the CivMC release. When SOTW had started it was a stressful and exciting for the community. But with on and off drama with Titan-IMC, the worry of being wiped early, and internal drama on had cause some mental breaks within the government. New leadership had risen within the community, with one new councillor being KingOfTheMochas.

In late July, there were a mental break within the government with lasting effects: WackyAki had quit Civ causing a governmental crisis. Neotide, previously being Deputy Alcuahtl, had stepped up to the plate to be Alcuahtl. An amendment to the Charter was passed: a person had to be a Councillor to be an Alcuahtl.

New Period August 2022

In early August, the remaining three former chieftains; Bgbba, Klasikrok, and Quauhtli had chosen MechanicalRift as Chieftain (WackyAki had the role of Chieftain but had quit before he was cannonized). Yoahtl had indeclared neutrality during the Generic War and took no action against or for any side. When Yoahtl was raided by EzClutch and Vah, there was a massive effort among the Ololtic to entrench the city and the Yoahtlan Government had rushed to get Bastion production running.

Gang Shi Wars Period - March to December 2023


New Period January 2024


Timeline of Government Changes

June 2017

CivClassic launches

St_Liebowitz becomes Alcuahtl, Asakuun becomes Deputy Alcuahtl

July 2017

Asakuun removed, bgbba becomes Deputy Alcuahtl

August 2017

5th TheOrangeWizard, Klasikrok, ArowShot win Council election

September 2017

8th St_Liebowitz abdicates, TheOrangeWizard becomes Alcuahtl, bgbba remains Deputy

18th Feathercrown wins Council by-election

October 2017

12th bgbba, Klasikrok, ArowShot, and Feathercrown win Council election

November 2017

12th TheOrangeWizard abdicates, bgbba becomes Alcuahtl

December 2017

10th TheOrangeWizard, WackyAki, Dr_Oracle, Amerikkalainen, and Mightyoddish win Council election

February 2018

2nd bgbba abdicates, M_M_Mod_Shot becomes Alcuahtl, bgbba becomes Deputy

11th bgbba, Wingzero54, Quauhtli_Mia, and Mightyoddish win Council elections

March 2018

9th M_M_Mod_Shot abdicates, TheOrangeWizard becomes Alcuahtl, Deputy left vacant

April 2018

11th bgbba, Wingzero54, meat312, and BustaNuht win Council election

12th Wingzero54 becomes Deputy Alcuahtl

June 2018

2nd TheOrangeWizard abdicates, bgbba becomes Alcuahtl

12th Feathercrown, Mightyoddish, Spacevolcano, and Tigen win Council elections

August 2018

19th Feathercrown, Spacevolcano, Tigen, and gbrbgryn win Council elections

21st bgbba abdicates, Feathercrown becomes Alcuahtl

September 2018

22nd TheOrangeWizard becomes Deputy Alcuahtl, Council dissolved, First Charter suspended

October 2018

5th TheOrangeWizard becomes Alcuahtl, Feathercrown becomes Deputy Alcuahtl

November 2018

26th Second Charter promulgated, bgbba becomes Chieftain, Deputy Alcuahtlship abolished

January 2019

19th TheOrangeWizard abdicates, Feathercrown becomes Alcuahtl


June 2022

CivMC launches


July 2023

5th NeoTide abdicates, Arconis000 becomes Alcuahtl

January 2024

12th NeoTide becomes Alcuahtl

March 2024

12th Yergo (Ironscale) becomes Alcuahtl

May 2024

12th x1025 becomes Alcuahtl

For a more complete, and up to date archive, please see the Government Composition page on Yoahtl's website.


  1. CCMap at 3416, 12032
  2. CCMap at -6570, 3972