Third Laconia War

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See: Yoahtl-Laconia Wars

The Third Laconia War on CivClassic 2.0 was the third and final conflict fought between Yoahtl and Laconia over Axochitlan and Yoahtl's ancestral homelands.

Third Laconia War
Part of Yoahtl-Laconia Wars
DateAugust 2018 - September 3rd, 2018
Result Final Laconian Victory over Yoahtl

Peace Treaty

  • Cession of Axochitlan and surrounding territories to Laconia
  • Abandonment of Axochitlan by Yoahtlan military
  • Payment of reparations by Yoahtl to Rhodesia and Laconia
  • Hallow established as the official arbiter of future Laconia-Yoahtl disputes
  • Falvyu released immediately
  • GOR within Laconia was to be protected from future conflict
  • bgbba's reparations and pearl time handled separately



Supported by



Combat Forces

Diplomatic Support

Commanders and leaders

Yoahtl meat312

Yoahtl bgbba

Hjaltland BlueSylvaer

Laconia BuckyHD

Laconia FRESH_candy

Laconia Tofee_Dodger

Rhodesia Capri

Rhodesia _stevebuscemi

Holy Jaded Empire ComradeNick
~15 5
Casualties and losses

Yoahtl bgbba

  • Pearled without sentence later permapearled

Vinland Falvyu

  • Freed by peace treaty

Leadup to the Conflict - August 2018

In the summer of 2018, bgbba ascended to Alcuahtlship within Yoahtl and instituted a resettlement program of Axochitlan led by Quauhtli_mia. Laconia was inactive during the first weeks of resettlement until Quauhtli_mia taunted Tofee_dodger on the subreddit. Laconia logged in and discovered the resettlement project and tensions began to rise.

After realizing that Laconia was unwilling to allow Yoahtl to occupy the city, the Yoahtlan government under bgbba entered negotiations to buy the land. Laconia offered to sell the land for several thousand diamonds. This deal was rejected on August 9th, 2018 by the Yoahtlan council due to the high cost. Yoahtl began preparations to defend Axochitlan against Laconian fighters. Meat312 moved an account to Axochitlan in preparation to defend the city.

The Battle of the Bridge - August 18th, 2018

On August 18th, 2020, meat312 got into a standoff on the GOR bridge after Laconian and Rhodesian forces allegedly stole a horse. Shots were fired. Yoahtl said that meat312 was hit while Laconia said that they were just firing warning shots past him. Regardless, meat312 retreated and tensions continued to rise further.

Attack on Mt. Doom - August 19th, 2018

The next day on August 19th, bgbba and a large force of Yoahtlan fighters, with assistance from Falvyu and several Hjaltlanders, gathered in Axochitlan. A tense standoff occurred between the Laconian and Yoahtlan forces and Yoahtl offered some of _spiderstring's alcoholic beverages. Yoahtl, however,drank ones that gave no harmful effects such as poison.

Glasses were raised and skeptically the Laconians drank. Suddenly hit with poison, the Laconians began to panic and flee towards Mt. Doom and bgbba gave the order to attack. The Yoahtlan forces rushed forward, led by bgbba who targeted BuckyHD in an attempt to pearl him before the Laconians could regroup. The chase continued through Mt. Doom, with the Yoahtlans in pursuit so close that the Laconians couldn't close doors behind them. Fighters flooded into the fortress.

This was a critical mistake. Yoahtl had no flanking force to cut off the Laconian retreat and the Laconians were able to find bunkers and hide until the debuff effects ran out.

Falvyu was taken by surprise and pearled by Laconia, with his pearl being kited towards the HJE as fast as it could by tofee_dodger, with General_Thomas escorting and a badly damaged bgbba and meat312 in pursuit. The remaining Yoahtlans began to rush towards MtA, along with a now active SATO, to intercept the pearl. After a time, General_Thomas split off, pursued by bgbba, while the pearl continued towards the Holy Jaded Empire. This was the second critical mistake. Repeated calls were made to disengage, however with both fighters badly damaged the two rivals continued their battle in the ocean north of Yoahtl.

After fighting to near death, Capri ran north and entered the fight, quickly killing bgbba who was near death and rescuing General_Thomas. Falvyu was successfully brought to the Holy Jaded Empire and vaulted along with bgbba. The remaining forces regrouped in New Yoahtl City to figure out what to do.

Immediate Aftermath: The Yoahtlan Government Collapses

The war was a complete catastrophe for Yoahtl. In the immediate days after the war, all of Yoahtl's allies attempted to distance themselves as much as possible. Meat312 resigned as general and posted a scathing letter on the Yoahtlan subreddit, despite having helped organize and lead the operation. He and Wingzero54 left to form Caledonia less than 48 hours later.

Southshire seceded from Yoahtl immediately to become a full member state of SATO, a decision which would have significant impacts on future tensions in the region between SATO and Rhodesia.

Initially many in Yoahtl wished to continue the fight to avenge the defeat until gbrbgryn gave an impassioned speech in favor of suing for peace. This combined with pressure from Hjaltland and Mir, unwilling to risk server wide war, in favor of peace. With no support remaining in the Council and from allies, the government of Yoahtl collapsed immediately and bgbba resigned from all government positions. TheOrangeWizard and Dr_Oracle returned to draft the 2nd Charter with renewed support from the Yoahtlan government and the Orangists returned to power. Feathercrown was appointed to the task of suing for peace.

Due bgbba taking most of the blame for the conflict, Yoahtl negotiated for relatively lenient terms, paying extensive reparations and recognizing once and for all Laconian ownership of Axochitlan and surroundings. The final settlement regarding bgbba was put off for a separate treaty. Hallow was put in charge of maintaining the peace and acting as arbiter between the two nations. Falvyu was released on the signing of the peace settlement.

Long Term Aftermath: The Final Peace

The two nations never fought again. bgbba was given the sentence of digging an entire vault hole underneath Mt. Doom for Laconia as well as being required to take full responsibility for the conflict and write a sincere apology. Upon completion of these terms, bgbba was to be freed and Yoahtl completed the vault hole and paid the reparations in full. However after audio of bgbba and BlueSylvaer was leaked plotting against Rhodesia for their intervention in the conflict he was upgraded to a permapearl by FRIENDS. See: Hostile Intentions.

Laconia, however, did not support this. FRIENDS and the Holy Jaded Empire had not been parties to the original conflict and BuckyHD stated that Laconia considered the terms fulfilled in full. This began an unexpected period of detente between the two nations and despite many predictions of further war between Laconia and SATO due to tensions with Rhodesia and their neighbors no such war occurred until years later. The peace settlement held until the end of CivClassics and the only Yoahtlan to fight Laconians again was Neotide_ who fought against them as a private citizen years later in the Entente-Laconia War. During that final conflict between Laconia and the nations of the South, Yoahtl declared neutrality and stated they would abide by the treaty that had ended the Third Laconia War. bgbba and former partisans in the Yoahtlan government advocated that since Laconia had upheld their end of the treaty Yoahtl would as well.

Yoahtl and bgbba stated that Laconia had acted with honor in the Third Laconia War and that no further hostile intentions remained. Despite further Yoahtlan and Laconian involvement in future conflicts and tensions in the region, the two powers never fought again. In the aftermath of the Entente-Laconia War many in Yoahtl were advocates of the Entente offering peace to Laconia. Behind the scenes, the channel which had been used to negotiate the failed land purchase that led to the conflict was kept open between the Yoahtlan and Laconian governments and the two nations resolved future tensions through diplomacy rather than warfare. The Yoahtl-Laconia Wars drew to a close.