Fall of Corvus

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The Fall of Corvus

Postcard from the Corvus vault
DateFebruary 5th to 7th, 2020
Result Coalition successfully disables the Corvus vault.

 Ok Bomber Coalition (Those Present)

  •  Corvus
  • Commanders and leaders
  • Hjaltland Frensin
  • Columbia shadedoom
  • Mir Gregy165
  • Corvus Evocator
  • Casualties and losses
    None None

    The Fall of Corvus was a vault break during the Infinity War. Coalition forces, primarily from Hjaltland, Columbia, and Mir, broke Corvus' vault, as Corvus had been working with NATO.

    Corvus members attempted to pearl xFier of Mir, but failed, fleeing. After that, backup arrived, primarily from Columbia and assorted UDF nations.

    Maxopoly investigates a bunker in Corvus
    Coalition members breaking bastions in the Corvus Vault

    While looting the vault, Coalition forces found an outrageous amount of goods, such as 5 double chests of compacted magma blocks. After Maxopoly arrived, it was determined that Corvus members had been duping.