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The Federation of Esberg-Ostersund, is a federal republic of the Kingdom of Esberg and the Republic of Ostersund located on Deluvia on CivMC. It sits just north of the Hyperborean Confederation, and east from Christopia on the shores of the Southern Sea. The Federation formed on October 23rd and one day later joined the Imperial Federation as it's 24th state.[1] The nation is connected to the rest of the federation trough the OneDest railsystem. Esberg has moved to a island famously known to the Deluvians as The Torch Island under name of New Esberg while original Esberg land is named as Old Esberg. Later New Esberg is renamed to Barony of Angriver on 12 December 2022.
Federation of Esberg-Ostersund
Flag of Esberg
The coat of arms of Esberg-Ostersund
Activity levelHigh (as of 23. dec. 2022)
Capital cityEsberg
GovernmentFederal Republic of municipalities
• President of the Federation
• King of the Esberg municipality
• President of Ostersund municipality
Preceded byProvince of Esberg
LanguageEnglish, Hungarian
National anthemRising Kingdom


Founding of Esberg and the decleration of Independence

The Kingdom of Esberg was founded in August 13th 2022 by HeyN8 as a province of the Hyperborean Confederation. The Province was a constitutional monarchy headed by HeyN8. The city of Esberg was founded near lake Apollo and connected to the rest of the nation by the national highway system built by Frostwarrior112. During the Generic War, as a wave of inactivity hit the nation, and democratic elections were postponed in early October the Kingdom of Esberg declared independence from the HC, and become a sovereign state. The new state remained a constitutional monarchy with king HeyN8 and Frostwarrior112 as the premier of the nation.

The Ostersund Crisis

In the month after gaining independence, the Federation signed a friendship pact with the HC and moved on. The infamous berryfarm was created during this time. In early November an other crisis conjured in Deluvia when Ostersund, lead by SeatlleSeahawksBest tried to declare independence from the HC, but failed the democratic referendum. Still wanting independence, negotiations began, and in the end Esberg, Ostersund, Tortuga and Matt's land gained independence in the Pact of Hyperborean Brotherhood. During the signing of the pact Esberg and Ostersund united into the Federation of Esberg-Ostersund, and joined the Imperial Federation.

First months in the federation

After the Pact signing and federation joining the nation went trough some inactivity, with few citizens, and fewer resources, the nation fell into a slumber.

Springtime in Esbger-Ostersund

In late December the nation once again awaken, as after the joinning of Sheepy_9 and Eleven things began working in the nation. The rail network was finally brought to Esberg, with a fabulous train station built, and technological advances were made. A new coat of arms and flag was designed for the state and many plans are currently in the making to make the country great again.

Migration and Barony of Angriver

After a year of living in the Esberg land, now known as Old Esberg, many Esberg citizens including President Frostwarrior112 wanted to move to a new land. They decided to migrate from Old Esberg to a island famously known as the Torch Island and named New Esberg. Eventually renamed to Barony of Angriver.

The city of Esberg