Cult Of Saturninus

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Saturninus sits his throne
Cult of Saturninus
Demonyn Saturninus
Religious Structure Cult
Leader Mark_Antony
Established June 2022
Holy Sites
Followers Several Romans
=== Cult of Saturninus the Spider ===


At the Start of the World there was a great hostile mob shortage brought on by the lower spawn rates intended to increase performance. In those days the Strider Farming industry was in its infancy and little more than a secret to only the few more prosperous civs. String from spiders was required for what was otherwise the least painful basic XP recipe available to the overworld, but with spawn rates at a minimum, hostile mobs were few and far between. In the evening of June 18, while painstakingly tending to a small oak grove on the outskirts of Roma city, Mark_Antony bargained with the admins for more hostile mobs, and more specifically, more spiders for string. Mark's pleas were answered and Ahrimane revealed their selves to Mark and created several spiders from thin air. These regular spiders immediately attacked the first citizen in the darkness of night and were slain, but Mark persisted. Bargaining with Ahri, Mark asked for more spiders, and again Ahri answered by creating a lone cave spider, however, unlike the other spiders, this one did not attack Mark instantly, calmed by the warm morning sun. Taken as a sign of favor the spider was spared.

The spider was secured into a boat and Mark_Antony spent the next several hours painstakingly transporting the little cave spider by boat back to the city. Upon arrival the spider was secured in the vaults beneath the Temple to Saturn and christened Saturninus.

Saturninus the Spider quickly became an object of curiosity and amazement; perhaps the only cave spider on the server, a cult following quickly surrounded the creature who was promptly deified in the minds of the early Romans.


On the south face of the temple mount flow waters blessed by Saturninus. Visitors and followers alike are welcome to bath in these holy waters claimed to hold healing and restorative properties.

Saturninus at rest
Saturninus' coming to Roma
Saturninus being installed in the Temple of Saturn