Citizens' Action Party

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Citizens' Action Party

Partido ng Aksyon ng Mamamayan
Preceded byLambat National Party
IdeologyCivic Nationalism
Political positionBig Tent
Center-left to Center

The Citizen's Action Party (CAP) (Filipino: Partido ng Aksyon ng Mamayan) is a Lambatan big tent, center-left liberal and civic-nationalist political party led by, Kaprediem. It is the successor to the Lambatan National Party (LNP), another defunct one-man party.

Ideology and positions

CAP supports pro-market and socially progressive policies while promoting national unity and Lambatan cultural heritage. On foreign policy, most of the CAP is fairly supportive of the World Police and leans towards international cooperation. It supports both the CES and the Augustan Federation in terms of economic cooperation, but generally opposes involvement in most of these organizations' defense programs. The CAP advocated for the establishment of the elected and permanent Legislative Assembly to supplement the citizenry's legislative powers. This major goal of the party was reached on November 8th with the ending of the Fifth Constituent Assembly.

Logo and symbols

CAP symbol and Discord emoji


  • Kaprediem - First President of Lambat; councilor, Lambat City
  • ArtificialDriver - Second President of Lambat;
  • Creepi0n - Mayor of Lambat City; Minister of Interior (Lambat)
  • 4pocalypse4risen - Governor of Greater Duskwood
  • Thraldrek
  • Kloudei - Minister of Interior (Lambat)
  • Metriximor - King of Lusitania
  • Banyough - Queen of Lusitania
  • AK - former President of Capeland
  • IceCarim