The Home Depot War

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The Home Depot War
Date9/22/21 - 10/2/21 (10 days)
Jolington, East Jolington
Result No decisive defeat on either side; white peace establishing status quo antebellum
East Jolington formally recognized as independent; Jolington territory formalized and confirmed

Supported by:

  •  East Jolington
  • Supported by:

    Commanders and leaders
  • Jolington SinjoroJoCrafter
  • Gigachadtopia Mushroomfly
  • East Jolington Troll_Bebek
  • Diplomatic Support:


    1 near the beginning of the war; 2 near the end

    5-7 present

    3 near the beginning of the war; 5 near the end

    5 present
    Casualties and losses
    Minor Griefing damage to Jolington Citadel 1 bastion

    The Home Depot War, also known as the East Jolington Border Conflict, was a short conflict on CivClassic 2.0 fought between Jolington and East Jolington over territorial sovereignty, the former supported by Gigachadtopia and NWO, and the latter backed by Kallos and diplomatically supported by Columbia and Icenia. It was formally ended with a peace treaty[1] almost precisely ten days after it began, on the 2nd of October 2021.


    Creation of Jolington and East Jolington

    When the Jolington Citadel had begun to be built on the 22nd of September , a group of citizens with associations to Kallos and Columbia decided to build a new town just outside of Jolington's land claims, only about 100 blocks away from the walls of the capital. This town was called East Jolington, and for a few hours there was nothing but building as both sides raced to make a better town faster. Initially, the East Jolingtonians were more successful in this, but Jolington Citadel became more developed later.

    Standoff at the Channel Islands

    Eventually, SinjoroJoCrafter realized what exactly was happening, and quickly moved to fortify the Channel Islands that separated Jolington Citadel from East Jolington. In this he was successful in stopping the East Jolingtonians from making any landings on the channel islands, but the watchtower that was built caused the East Jolingtonians to build an obsidian watchtower of their own, as well as a wall of snitches (which Jolington claimed was inside its claimed territorial waters). There was a standoff for approximately four hours[2] before both sides went to sleep.

    Occupation of East Jolington

    On the 24th, the town of East Jolington was completely abandoned by its original inhabitants. This allowed Jolington to unilaterally annex the territory[3], and no defense of it came for seven days. During this time, the town's defensive infrastructure was completely dismantled and its resources were appropriated by Jolington.

    Liberation of East Jolington

    The East Jolingtonians returned on the 1st, this time with greater numbers. Knowing they could not win with one competent fighter, Jolington called for aid from the NWO, but due to odd hours only Mushroomfly of Gigachadtopia showed up to defend the city. Throughout the day many negotiations were attempted; Jolington proposed making East Jolington an Autonomous Community of Jolington. This proposal was considered and then rejected. All the while the East Jolingtonians continued to harass the capital and buzz its defensive infrastructure while being shadowed by the joint Jolington-Gigachadtopia force.

    Eventually East Jolington agreed to a peace settlement so long as it would guarantee the independence of East Jolington. At 11:00 AM CST on October the 2nd, almost exactly 10 days after the war began, it was ended when East Jolington, SinjoroJoCrafter, and Mushroomfly agreed to the East Jolington Peace Treaty[4], which gave some reparations to East Jolington, removed all Jolingtonian infrastructure from its borders, and encumbered both sides to respect the laws and sovereignty of the other.