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Welcome to the homepage for CivEx 2.0
The wiki about CivEx 2.0, the second iteration of the Civilization Expeirment
The 2.0 map may be downloaded here (currently broken, working on a fix): Link


File:Civex 2 Map.jpg

The second iteration of CivEx 2.0 should have failed. Indeed, it had numerous, crippling errors in its first few weeks that caused serious issues. However, from the ashes, an incredible iteration formed. The major issues were resolved, and the server became a new and wonderful place. Nations and empires formed and fell, great alliances were created, and wars were fought. A new disease and temperature plugin caused unique challenges in hot and cold environments, and a great sea separated the great eastern nations from the isolated western ones.

While CivEx 2.0 was by no means perfect, and was arguably not as good as the first, it still proved to be a solid and enjoyable experience, that saw the rise of players, nations, and memes that are still important today.

summary by Sirboss001

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File:CivEx 2.0

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