Icenia (CivMC)

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The flag of Icenia
Activity levelHigh (as of 28th April, 2023)
AllianceMDSC, SEC
Capital cityIcenia City
GovernmentSemi-Democratic Republic
Governing documentConstitution of the Third Republic of Icenia

Icenia, officially the Third Republic Of Icenia, is a nation on CivMC led by ChrisChrispie. Located in the -,-, Icenia consists of mostly desert, plains, and taiga biomes. The nation is consists of former Icenians, Bloomians, and select members of Mount Augusta from CivMC and follows a Semi-Democratic style of governance with an elected senate and tiered citizenship based on contribution to the nation. Icenia has three states at present: Bloom, Petrichor, Southshire, and Icenia Federal Territory. It has a large population.

Initial Formation

The Third Republic of Icenia was announced unofficially shortly after the closure of CivClassic, but formally announced on the CivMC subreddit on May 15th, 2022[1]. In the formal announcement by ChrisChrispie, it was stated that Icenia would strive to be "an economic and transportation hub" with the ultimate goal of being a "major metropolis". Icenia is expected to maintain close relationships with former players of Civclassic's UNC, UDF, and Entente, however according to ChrisChrispie the nation is "open to positive relationships with any player group on Civclassic" and in statements posted on the CivMC discord "does not have a desire to "World Police".

Shortly after the unofficial announcement of Icenia reforming on CivMC, former Icenian subgroups such as Titan Industries and Otonabee, announced their intentions to become independent of Icenia, while many former members of Bloom, which Icenia had absorbed in Civclassic, announced their intentions to remain Icenian.

Foundational Period

Icenia started its CivMC experience off by being stuck in queue, having reinforcements constantly reset, and looking for suitable land close to potential allies. Icenia would eventually settle on land in the -,- with an island serving as the future city center. The claims would be bordered by Rhode Island, a successor of Rhodesia to its east, Utopia to its south and Petrichor to its southwest. This would set up Icenia squarely away from nations such as Titan Industries and Yoahtl, both of which the country had initially planned to be close to.


Icenia was forced very early on to come to grips with its new neighbors, primarily Rhode Island, Fellowship, and Utopia. Select Rhode Island players such as Adderall and Vanax had previous run-ins with Icenia during the Infinity War on Civclassic, and Utopia was led by Saren_Solaris and Kicky, two players of whom many Icenian officials initially had concerns about.

On the first day of the server, Icenian Rinvincibl3 discovered a Nether portal relatively close to the city at the same time Kicky, of Utopia, did. A back room deal was quickly reached that the portal would be split between Utopia and Icenia, with Saren showing deference to Icenia in terms of group management due to the size of the nation.

Icenia would neglect “locking down” the portal though, instead focusing on getting internal factories up and running. When Icenians returned, they discovered that the portal had been sealed off by a bunker which was quickly discovered to be owned by Fellowship, led by Vah.

Icenian officials determined that the best way to deal with the situation was by force, and a group of 10 Icenians were dispatched to the bunker. They quickly broke in, broke snitches, and began deconstructing the bunker. The situation was quickly resolved after Vah would reach out and agree to split the portal.

During start of the world situations would also arise with Valyria over the boundary between Bloom and their nation center. This situation was quickly resolved as well though diplomacy, and a payment of some 48 diamonds for taiga forest.

Meanwhile, Icenia continued to build up farms, create rudimentary defensive infrastructure, and create it’s Capitol city, and by the middle of July, had become one of the largest cities on the server.

Development Internationally

Early on in the server, Icenia would form a tentative alliance with Petrichor and Southshire, two groups that the nation had been allied with in Civclassic. This alliance would eventually turn into the MDSC, an alliance designed initially to provide a "second choice" apart from Rhode Island in the West. Icenia would also sign a "trade agreement" with Titan, formalizing relations.

Entry into Generic War

On August 18th, 2022, Lagiacrus11, Shadno, and Slushii responded to snitch pings reporting Vah's presence at Motoko Mountain, the home of MotokoKusanagi. This had become a common occurrence over the previous week and limited infrastructure had been built out to the mountain in order to apprehend Vah, but by no means was it capable of handling a coordinated attack. As Lagi and the PvP crew approached the mountain, it became clean that Ez2Clutch was also present in the region. This was soon confirmed by the fighters and an effort to kite back to the city was ordered. Unfortunately, Lagiacrus11 would get pearled in the ensuing fight and would be kited to Rhode Island's vault.

In Lagi's absense, former NATO fighter Seared would be appointed as shotcaller over a dozen citizen-defenders in Spaceneedle III, where Ez2Clutch, Vah, and other Rhodesians began concentrating their attack on Icenia at. As they settled into a siege defense, a general call to arms across the server was issued, and Saren_Solaris would arrive and begin shotcalling as well. For the duration of the night and into the early hours of the next morning, Icenia managed to hold off the Rhodesian crack team, but as work and school became a priority, the order to self-greif the groundbunker was given and all materials were either dropchested, or moved to the skybunker. Within hours of the move, and with limited defenders and supplies, the order to kite to Titan was given to the remaining fighters at Spaceneedle III, and Icenia City would fall. Over the coming hours, Rhodesia would disable downtown city bastions and obby bomb the city.

Move to Titan

Over the next few days, logged out defenders would be broken out of the skybunker by Saren_Solaris and other Icenians during Rhodesian off hours. Over the course of the general evacuation, Icenia would lose no pearls, but some PvPers would have to wait upwards of a week to be freed from greif. There had been some debate among Icenian higher ups over where to send fighters to aid in the war, but ultimately the decision was made to kite to Titan's Foxhole bunker, where "Little Icenia" would be constructed and defenses would be created.

[write more here about the attack on Blockchainistan and subsequent fall of Titan, move to Estalia, and end of war]

Return to Icenia [September 2022]

Over the duration of the war, Icenia had been fully griefed around four times. Although much of Icenia's wealth had been dropchested, most homes and private bunkers had been broken into, Spaceneedle III was in complete disrepair, and most government factories were severely damaged. Thankfully, Rhodesia had failed to find Icenia's advanced cauldron, hadn't damaged any of Icenia's farms, and hadn't bothered with the shared Butternut-Icenia nether portal. Degriefing the city would take place immediately upon return, and within a day, Bewsij had given Icenians access to the IceniaMonument group under which most of the IRO and DRO grief was placed. This subsequently began a very fast cleanup that made many people rich.

Shortly after the completion of the clean up of Icenia, the Temporal Isles announced its intent to secede from Icenia, and after negotiations between President ChrisChrispie, Speaker of the Senate Rinvincibl3, and Consul PhysicsGamer, the Temporal Isles was allowed to secede from Icenia, with the secession having been formalized on September 26th, 2022. Despite a number of incidents causing friction between the two nations, they have committed to improving relations and continuing to cooperate.

Foreign Relations


Despite the MDSC no longer existing after the end of the Generic War, Icenia still maintains strong relations with its member states: Pacem, Nassau, Commonwealth, and Otonabee. After many of Petrichor's citizens joined Estalia during the Generic War, the remainder of Petrichor was incorporated as a state within Icenia.


Due to increasingly close ties with Kallos and Cortesia Del Mar, Icenia helped found the SEC, a defensive pact similar to the UDF. Icenia shares defensive infrastructure and maintains close relations with the SEC member states of Southshire, Kallos, Cortesia Del Mar, and Arsenio Pact.

Other Relations

Due to past cooperation during the Generic War as well as previous conflicts on CivClassics, Icenia has a good relationship with the Holy Empire of Gang Shi as well as the Elysian Pact.

Geography of Icenia

Icenia on CivMC is significantly less centralized then the layout on CivClassics. The newly designed consitution added further support of states, and Icenia has strong participation from its constituent states of Petrichor and Bloom. Petrichor maintains its initial claims prior to joining Icenia and Bloom owns land North of Icenia City. Another notable territory in Icenia is far to the Northeast, where Icenia maintains nether portal access as well as significant defensive infrastructure and farms. Due to its proximity to Temporal Isles this area is frequently known as Tempussy Isles, or the Chocolate Factory.