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CapianColton's skin
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Main ResidenceKodiak, Nalora
Known Spoken LanguagesEnglish
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivMC
Iterations played on

CapianColton, Capian, Cap, or Colton, is a Civ player. His first nation and current nation is Imperial Federation and Pavia as his secondary residency. He was living in the state of Regensburg on his first two months on CivMC, later moved to Imperia to build and contribute to the growth of Imperia. Eventually he would go on to found his own state within the IF, Nalora.

On April 2023, Colton became Senator of the Imperial Federation represented Regensburg. He would represent Regensburg from April until end of August 2023, officially switching representation to Nalora. Currently he is the primary representative, senator, and head of state of Nalora.